What's your preference on placement of switch/charge port/battery % indicator?

I’m upgrading my current board to a bigger enclosure for a bigger battery, and i’m thinking of changing the placement of the power switch, charging port and voltmeter.

Here’s how i did my two boards20180616_183054 20180315_013414

Both of them are at the lower half of the enclosure, after the battery. I’m making a new fiberglass enclosure and the shape is closely similar to this. I’m thinking of having all three of them at the front, like this. hqdefault

Any thoughts? I feel that they would be easier to access as my deck is 38". Also, do post pics of how you mount yours! I’m interested to see how you guys mount them.

I like to be able to see the indicator while riding and have the switch somewhere it is unlikely to be switched off by debris. I like the top pic because its all topside but if I have to go under with a switch its side mount. Never on the underneath face because…just because.
Saw a guy who mounted the switch in the truck base plate on a drop through and that was awesome. Its here somewhere but I didn’t bookmark it sorry. Aesthetics aside you have to go for function over form for practicality sometimes.

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I like my stuff on the side of the enclosure. I use big batteries so no need to see the indicator while riding, and the side of the enclosure just looks right to me.



Do you generally place them towards the rear or near the front? No idea what my preference would be exactly yet

I go near the rear as thata where all of the electrical components are anyway


I did contemplate having it on the sides, but my OCD ass wants symmetry :joy:

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On street boards I’ve always kept them on the side, but I’m building an mtb right now and I’m really loving the placement where I can just look down and see it. imageimage


I’ve now moved away from putting anything in the enclosure. I do this so that opening up the board and putting the enclosure aside is easy. I’ve stopped using a battery meter too and use the HM-10 and have battery level on a phone or watch.


@anorak234 Nice loopkey design! Did use braided sleeve for it?

Thanks! Yes, it’s the same braided stuff that I use for my motor and ESC wires (still have to put it on motor wires for this board). I typically use a short piece of 10 gauge wire to bridge the loop key, and then melt the edges of the braided stuff together around the wire. I then glue it all and cover with some electrical tape since I don’t have big enough heatshrink.

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Looks decent. Ive always thought how simple loop wire misses something in its look.

I guess I will try to borrow your idea, thanks for posting.

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@Linny on the front of your deck is that a handle???

I upgraded my board to not having a batt meter. Can’t see the point of having one if using a BT module.

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Stuck mine at the back, as i made interchangeable lipo batteries centre top. No switch or fuses, after weighing it all up, i kept it simple for reliability. Wires are a mess because im still modifying in constantly.

Right there with you on that. I wanted to be able to monitor voltage while riding but couldn’t bring myself to cut holes thru my freshly reskinned deck, so I ended up making some clamp plates to mount everything into the drop thru cut outs IMG_9265IMG_9343IMG_9803


I’ve started doing this on a lot of boards.


But I still mount on the side if the enclosure a lot too. Both methods have pros and cons.

Beware when you mount in the side if the enclosure, switches, loop keys, volt meter and charge ports take up a significant amount t of room so measure carefully to make sure it will all fit.