What's Your Range? List the following: Battery Size: (Wh, xSyP, LiPo/Li-ion, Brand), Drivetrain: (Hubs/Belt, Single/Duo/Quad, Kv, Ratio), VESC: (Y/N), Regen Braking: (Y/N), Average Payload: (User + Gear, Bags, etc.), Range: (Miles or km, Wh/km or Wh/mile)

What’s Your True Range? Talking about going out and riding your board not theoretical numbers you calculated.

There’s been a lot of talk about ranges and what’s doable for what set up under what circumstances and so lets but an end to it. Here post your specs and your range so that we, the people of the forum, can see what type of performance to truly expect from products that are available. Vesc settings are not posted because we all dont have VESCs and there would be way too many things to consider. For hub motors, your ration is 1:1 as it is direct drive.

Just copy the following and replace the text with your stats.

Build Type: (DIY/Commercial(If commercial, name the brand and model)) Battery Size: (Wh, xSyP, LiPo/Li-ion), Drivetrain: (Wheels,Hubs/Belt, Single/Duo/Quad,Brand and Kv, Ratio), VESC: (Y/N) Regen Braking: (Y/N), Average Payload: (User + Gear, Bags, etc.) Range: (Miles or km, Wh/km or Wh/mile),

Comments: Any additional information that might be relevant. How flat it is where you ride, do you have accelerate like a mad man, do you coast often, etc.

Here’s mine:

Build Type: DIY Battery Size: 444Wh, 8S6P, Li-ion, Samsung 18650 25r Drivetrain: Kegels, Belt, Duo, Turnigy SK3 260Kv, 15:36 Regen Braking: Y Average Payload: 220lbs + 20lbs = 240lbs Range: ~41 km, 10.83 Wh/km or 25.63 mils, 17.32 Wh/mile

Comments: It’s quite flat where I board around. I dont accelerate hard, usually push on start up. No elevation changes, pretty smooth paved campus so I dont add 10% to my numbers for coasting down hills.


Build Type: DIY Battery Size: 99Wh, 6S1P, Li-ion, Basen 26650 4500mah Drivetrain: Flywheel clones, Belt, Single, Turnigy SK3 192kv, 16:36 Regen Braking: N Average Payload: 140lbs + 15lbs = 155lbs Range: 4.5 Miles Comments: Flat ground most of the time, still bumpy calif roads tho


Your Watthours per mile is 22 Wh/mile.

That was a mixed chilled ride with some full throttle runs but also carving rides. When i go hard i can go up till 12 Wh a km. But most of the time i stay below 10 Wh. Like to carve between 30 and 35 km/h. The values you see there are also summarized for the 2 vescs (Dual).

Build Type: DIY Battery Size: 600Wh - 700Wh, 12S8P, Li-ion, mixed broken laptop cells with 2600 mah and 2200 mah Drivetrain: Flywheel clones 97mm, Belt, Dual, Enertion 6355 R-SPEC 190kv, 14:36 Regen Braking: Y Average Payload: 156lbs + 16lbs = 172lbs Range: around 35 - 40 miles Comments: Flat ground till middle hills most of the time


Build Type: DIY/Evolve Battery Size: (756Wh, 10S6P, 3500mAh Sanyo Li-ion), Drivetrain: 8" MBS Pneumatic Wheels (40psi), Belt, Single, ~140KV, 13:72 (modified from 15T to 13T) VESC: (N) Regen Braking: (Y), Average Payload: (200lbs) Range: (22 Miles before power cut, 25 Miles before complete shutdown. Cutoff voltage 33.7V. 30 Wh/mile.

Going to increase psi to 55psi next time and I am hoping to break 30-32 miles.


@Eboostin Just a tipp. You could set your cutoff voltage to 2.8V (28V) or at least 3.0V (30V) for li-ion cells. Under load they are completely empty at 2.5V. Becasue at a cutoff level of 3.37V (33,7V) you use roughly only half the capacity of the cell under mid load. So you would gain a couple of miles.

Thanks for the tip, that is how I have my DIY boards set with a BMS cutoff at 2.9V. VESC cut off is 3.1v.

Unfortunately, the Evolve ESC is what controls the voltage cutoff and I am not aware of anyone that has been able to modify it.

Build Type: (DIY - TB’s Semi complete dual Battery Size: 185Wh, 10s1p LiPo (Nanotech 5s 5000mah 65-130c) Drivetrain: 83mm flywheel clones, Belt, Dual, TB’s 6355 230kv, 16/36), VESC: (Y/N) No TB’s 12s Esc Regen Braking: (Y/N), No Average Payload: 220lbs/95kg Range: 16kms/10miles - 11.56Wh/km or 18.5Wh/mile), Comments: Top speed it way too fast. There are a few hills in my area not many. Just mild inclines. This setup eats anything around me. The battery capability probably helps a lot. The batteries aren’t even warm at the end. Motor and esc are just warm.

Build Type: DIY Battery Size: 4500mah Lipo 12s Drivetrain: 90mm flywheel clones, single belt drive TB’s 6355 190kv 16/36 VESC: Y Regen Braking: Y Average Payload: 200lbs Range: 4 miles.

Cutoff Starts at 3.7 and ends at 3.5 Plenty of speed but range is not as expected based on http://esk8.today/2016/12/28/how-far-can-i-ride/#rc

What am I doing wrong ?

4500mah is quite low for 12s. Li-ion or Lipo?

Lipo. The calculator says I should get around 10 miles. Is the calculator unrealistic?

12s1p? to make it 4500mah?

Says you should get about 9 miles…

I would say you dont charge your batteries till max… or something else is wrong… cutoff for battery does not seem to be that low. so hard to speculate.

~4 ah at 44.4v nominal = 167.6 wh Should be around 17km Or 10 miles i think

Build Type: DIY **Battery Size:**189Wh 9S1P 5000mah, LiPo Drivetrain: 83mm, Belt, single, Turnigy SK3 6374 192Kv, 16:36 VESC: Y Regen Braking: Y, Average Payload: 120kg Range: 17km, 11Wh/km

Comments: pretty flat here as well. usualy start the board by giving it a kick first. even though my baord can do +40km/h i barely drive faster then 25km/h. not much breaking and accelerating envolved here since my default route is far away from traffic.

Build Type: DIY Battery Size: 8s4p li-ion 80A 12000mah Drivetrain: 110mm x 25mm scooter wheels, single motor Turnigy SK3 5063 236Kv, chain drive VESC: Y Regen Braking: Y, Average Payload: 95kg Range: 16-17 miles

Comments: Haven’t drained the battery from 100 - 0% in one ride yet but have recorded all my rides and worked out my milage from the records and battery %s.

I use an imax b6 (legit, not a clone) to charge each cell to 4.2.

Any pointers on where to start looking for what could be wrong?

Build Type: DIY Battery Size: 10s (2x 5000mah in series), LiPo Drivetrain: 83mm, 16/36 belt drive single SK3 192kv VESC: Yes, 4.12, running FOC (diyelectricskateboard) Regen Braking: Y Average Payload: 67kg Range: shredding about 14km, normal cruising 16+km Average wh/km: 10.5 Average riding speed: 18.4 km/h Top riding speed: 47 km/h

Comments: Riding in the Netherlands… cannot really be more flat. @JuniorPotato93 could you add something like ‘specify which ESC you’re running and in which mode (VESC/FOXBOX/VESC6)’. So people can see how everyone is doing on BLDC/FOC in combination with a certain battery setup?!

And I only get 4. I am stumped.

Which LiPo is it and what is the C rating?

Rolling resistance?