What's your range on a 10s3p?

Just wanted to check what kind of people were getting for range on a 10s3p. So Please share! Especially my Hub buddies!

I’m also getting a 10s3p SPACE Cell with carvon single hub, and would also love to see some results :slight_smile:

Don’t have hubs but a single sk3 192 KV on a 10s3p. Gearing is 15-36t and I weight 85kg. I get about 20km if i do my best and coast and about 14-15km of i punch it alot. Mostly flat here.

Getting around 12-14 km on my dual drive, city riding with moderate hills. Not hubs though.

cell type will make a huge difference - need to specify what cells/capacity are being used,

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I have 10s3p Samsung 25r cells I weigh 70kg Done the same run (2km hills 8km flat) usually keeping a steady 20km/h pace Dual hubs= 10km used 60% * Dual outrunners =10 km used 50%* Sinhle belt drive = 10km used 40% * *Approximately and Wind has a big effect on range


which was more fun!