Wheel Balancing

I’m finishing up my first build and I took the board out before I put the motors on it just to see how the board felt. I had the wheel pulleys on and it sounded like the wheels were unbalanced and that they were wobbling. Once I got home I put the board up on my work area and took off the axel nut and slowly spun them and appeared as if they where wobbling. These are Kegel wheels So its not like how a normal car tire or a pneumatic wheel would need to be balanced. Has anyone experienced that. I would believe it would be dangerous to ride a board with unbalanced wheels or it would atleast effect performance like it effects car performance.

Are your bearings not seated properly? What about the wheel pulley, is it aligned correctly? Short video or pictures?

usually if u ride enough small unbalance will wear out. but picture would be much helpful

I will have to take a picture the bearings are seating and are zealous bearings. The wheel pulleys should be aligned as I each bolt in and slowly screwed each bolt in starting with one then going across the wheel and screwing in the and screwing it in about had way then going back across the wheel for a different one and installed it like that between each of the five bolts.

All of the pairs of kegels ive had for the past year has been doing the same thing the first 50 miles or so, the plastic for the bearings needs to wear in after some time you can give the nut a turn more to seat the bearings and also the urathane needs to be worn in as well since its never made exactly as it should.