Wheel bearing wont fit over Torqueboard axle

Anyone have this issue? Only 1 of the 4 axles is slightly over by the inth degree and the bearing wont slide over. Remedy, options or suggestions? Thought id start here first before submitting a ticket on their site. Thx

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That sounds very frustrating. Does the axle nut fit on the larger end? I wouldn’t Dremel down the axle. I send it back before I did that.

Actually after watching the video again, it appears there is a lip just past the threads that prevents the bearing from sliding down the axle.

yeah the nut fits… was just hoping to do main assembly tomorrow and if the gods are with me even get to a test ride… if i get that far I may have to just pull my meepo trucks off and use those just to get my fix =P

Measure the ID of the beatings and the OD if the hanger axle. I would bet they are eaither very close or it’s a bearing issue.

If it just very close get some sanding cloth, any hardware store will have it, and work the axle down a little.

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I have to rule out the bearings since they mount the other axles… Even the spacers TB sends with the 218mm to offset for the gap on standard wheels wont slide onto the shaft… Maybe its a lip…will give a light try to make things happen tonight…but if.not its on them =\

Can you post a close up pic of the axle that the bearing doesn’t fit?

when i get home from work tonight will do!

got any spare bearings to try? i usually just mob to my skate shop and they usually get me going quick. maybe cruise over on lunch time.

Yeah id just pull the wheel off my Meepo and see what happens…be home in a couole hrs and then board build time as much as is possible!

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Vs the other size which a mild taper after the threads

And…i just tried my Meepo wheel with what ever bearings it has and no dice!

damn dude that sucks, NYC its probably hard to get to a shop…

Seeing as both axles are shaped differently, this looks like a manufacturing defect. Does @torqueboards know about this yet?

I submitted a ticket earlier… But actually used the dremel and super light pressure around the base of the threads to shave/sand down a similar but not as pronounced taper like the other side and things finally slipped on…needed a lil coercing and back and forth to get it right


Well that’s odd… o.o and a new one for me loo

@accrobrandon PM with your info. I’ll send you a new truck.


@torqueboards is a frikkin rock star :metal:


I think your best option is to delay your build until you get the new one. And seeing how that TB is on it, you probably won’t have to wait long.


I was also having this issue with the trucks I got from Black Friday but have got around to building the board yet.