Wheel/belt noice while breaking

Hey i still have a problem that i can not figure it out.

At very beginning i had a really bad motor mount that would move around and make my belt loose and while i was breaking the belt will jump some teeth and here that noice. I fixed that my belt is now tension good and the motor mount is not moving anymore.

But when i break harder i get a similar noice as the belt missed some teeth. I tried to keep the motor form spinning and spin the wheel just to see if it jumps teeth but it doesn’t.

So my next assumption is that my wheel is loosing traction to the ground when i break. Or might be something similar to when i start my motor from stand still and push the throttle just a little and the motor is trying to spin but is not really doing it is like it is forced to go but it cannot.

Right now if i break easy and gradually is working just fine but if i want to break harder that noice is there and i feel that im not breaking … maybe someone had similar problem ?

(just as a background i run a single motor with a 12mm belt + enertion pulleys)

Thank you.

skipping teeth means, belt tension is loose. and if you get good mount and thicker belt it wouldn’t skip

What ESC are you using? My 6S esc from diyelectricskateboards had some really hard breaking, even after tuning.

as i said this is not the case anymore since i get a better mount ^.^ …

@karma i have a vesc 4.12 i think from enertion. and running a 10s4p setup.

Hmm okey. Soo if yoy ease in to the breaking it is fine but if yoy break hard it skips. Maybe too hard breaking. You could add an idler for better belt tension

So on the harder breaking the belt is still skipping or what…

Right now my belt is at a decent tension not too tension not too loose … If i tension it even further then it will force the motor.

But why would it skip tho … when i tested it by hand it was not skipping.

How would an idler help in this case ? Or what is the solution for this ?

Yesterday i had a case where i had to break harder not to get in front of a car… and this happened to me… and i had to turn and jump from the board so i want to avoid this situations

If your belt is skipping then you have one of three solutions. Increase tension, Use wider belt, or Add tensioner. The first two obviously just increase friction between the belt and pulley teeth. The idler pulley changes the angle at which the belt leaves the motor pulley and causes more teeth engaged with the belt.