Wheel compatibility with Enertion's new Wheel Pully

Enertion’s new Wheel pulley design snaps right into the wheel, no drilling bolts through required. Its listed here. I dont want to buy enertion’s $60 wheels, so I was wondering if this kit would work with standard abec flywheels listed here Thanks

it works, but the trucks need to be enertions trucks due to the short hangar needed

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The Enertion page says that the pulley work for Abec Flywheels.

I put 2 washers on the inside of the axle and it seems to work fine without modification.


pulley works for most flavors of flywheels and its clones. You’ll need to cut off some of the aluminum hangar on standard caliber II trucks however. (Enertion trucks are not standard caliber ii’s)

These are the pre-modified trucks that will work?

Yep Enertion trucks are designed for enertion pulleys

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are both trucks modified? It looks like the axles are not that long from in the pictures

not sure on that one, maybe @onloop can chime in

One side of the truck is modified

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what kind of trucks do you have? Can you post a pic of how you got it to work without modification?

They’re just regular caliber ii’s. I took the pulley bearing out and added 2 bearing spacers on the inside of the axle.

EDIT: washers not spacers*

oh hell yeah, do you remember what specific bearing spacers you bought? I had the same idea of removing the bearing but had issues with the pulley eventually loosening up and falling out of the wheel grooves, the spacers might fix this

Why do you want to remove the bearings?

Excuse me, washer, not spacer. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to hack my hanger since you said the pulley will loosen.