Wheel nut crushed my bearings

On a mountain board. My wheel nut tightened down so hard during a ride that it crushed my bearings. Anyone ever had that happen? Is it from breaking?

Pictures of your setup of bearings and spacers on the axle without the wheel… like this will help determine your issue


It sounds like you a part missing dude?

What exactly does “crush” mean? The axle nut’s force should go from the nut to speed rings to spacers to the hanger are you missing those?

It sounds like the nut is far to tight or that speed rings were not used.

Jumping in here as I am looking for a source for 12mm speed rings. Would appreciate any suggestions… Mikenoplois living in Golden Valley and hooked up with Scoo_B_Sk8 however he is in recovery from a recent fall on his board.

either Trampa or http://aluminumspacers.com/

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Does http://aluminumspacers.com/ have the spped washers went to the site but did not see them…

Most MBS setups don’t use spacers, iddly enough. I actually called MBS once to ask about it and they said it wasn’t needed. To tighten the nut until the axle was flush and no more.

Lol… Uh huh. There’s no way I’d do that lol… That’s just crazy talk. I’m surprised they would say that… But I’ve never interacted with them or purchased thier hub/trucks.

Yeah, I thought it was weird too. But I’ve been getting some weird behavior out if MBS lately. Anyways, use spacers no matter what anyone tells you :grinning:.


Bearings crushed inside wheel. Just 2 bearings and the wheel with nut. I have no other parts.

Thanks all for responding.

I have never used MBS so, but.

You should have a speed ring, the bearing, a spacer, the second bearing, the second speed ring, the nut. The speed rings help stop everything binding, but importantly the speed ring-bearing-spacer assembly as a whole means there is no lateral load on the bearings as all force is only applied to the inner race and it is supported. Read the above looking at Deckoz picture, he has some extra stuff in his pic but you should be able to wrap your head around what you need.


Where do I buy speed rings? Should they be on all 4 wheels?

What is the diameter of your axle?

Idk. I’ll have to go to skate shop this weekend to buy bearings. I’ll find out then.

I think they are 9.5mm. You need a spacer between the beatings and a speed rings on both sides if the wheel on all 4 wheels.

So. What exactly is a speed ring? Is it another bearing? Where do I get them?

Image result for speed ring longboard

Related image

this second pic uses different names, the spacers are the speed rings, the sleeve is the spacer…


Hm… I am running MBS Matrix II trucks and hubs, they didn’t come with speed rings or spacers.

The axle is larger than a regular truck so regular spacers and speed rings won’t fit.