Wheel Pulley 3d Model

Does anyone have the 3d models for the 2 piece motor pulley that used to be on thingiverse? It doesn’t seem to be there any more. It’s a ~15mm wide pulley with an insert for both sides of the wheel that takes 6 bolts.

Yeah, you gotta point me to a how-to for uploading files tho. Haha

I actually found it. Do you use it? I have an abs copy, but I feel like it will wear out and I’d like to keep a spare. It’s almost as expensive to print it locally as to buy a nylon one from enertion and I’m not sure what to do.

Yea, I have a PETG one on my board and a PLA back-up. I used the PLA one on my board but went PETG for peace of mind. The PLA didn’t wear down like I thought it might.