Wheel pulley and ESC, updated price

Dickyho 5M- 36 teeth 12mm wheel pulley can be used with Caliber or Torque Boards trucks only if you file the truck a litle just enough for pulley to spin and can be used with bearing or without. Will work with Paris Trucks or Paris clones. No file needed on Paris trucks or Paris clones. $15 + shipping USPS U.S. only. Never used, I could have used it but to lazy to modify truck.

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Dickyho ver. (1.5)- 10S 36V dual esc with controller. Works great! Version 2.0 is the one that overheated, not this version. This one also comes with heat sink. Has 4 different speeds plus reverse and brakes. I bought it to use on my sons Diy eboard but he didn’t like the thumb throttle on the controller. I tested it and installed heat shrink on wires so it looks better and wire protection, (Paid $64) (Case $24.99) Both case and ESC $50 + shipping USPS U.S. only.

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Still have the vesc?

Interested in case and vesc. How much for postage in ireland