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Wheel pulley bent? Deformed? Need help!

Hello guys, I couldn’t even introduce you to my new el-sk8 and maybe it’s already broken haha.

I think I got into a bump but never noticed something so hard, and the wheel pulley is kinda deformed and not rotating properly, please check this video out:

I think there’s no chance in finding a new one cause I’m in Chile/Argentina and importation is a huge no, I bought my pieces used and as a whole.

Should I take it off and try to accommodate it? Thanks, any input will be appreciated!

En ke parte de argentina estas?

Hola, ahora mismo estoy en Santiago jaja, pero soy de Buenos Aires, vuelvo en 10 días, vos?

Rosario pero vivo en las vegas, preguntaba porke tengo familia ke va i viene seguido

Dame el facebook tuyo asi hablamos mejor en un rato te agrego estoy haciendo unas cositas ahora

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Nicolás Belazaras!

Hmm…After watching it in slow-mo on youtube, all I’m seeing is a bend on the inner flange, and maybe a small bend on the outer flange of the pulley. Have you seen any performance issues? I don’t see that causing any major issues.

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hello there, no perfomance issues detected so far, I was just afraid cause the noise it now does is weird and kinda loud (not the one from the motor in low throttle, btw, is that normal?). But if it won’t cause any issues it’s okay I guess haha, thanks!

@Pablo_702 @exnor Holy shit! Somos tres ahora, vivo en Buenos Aires. Parece que se golpeó el motor Nico. Agreguen a facebook! Agustín Laya


que buena onda jaja, dsp agrego!

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Bent flange is no issue as long as it’s not rubbing the side of the belt at that one spot more than the others…if it does you may hear some type of sound, like clicking or sqeeking…it depends on how it’s rubbing…if that’s the case…just bang out the flange so it doesn’t rub …

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4… me sumo!! Nunca hice un e-board… pero despues de que me confiscaron en el aerop de San Diego mi e-go estoy viendo de comprarme otro o armarme uno… los agregue al fb… necesito ayuda xq conseguir cosas aca en arg es bastante jodido…