Wheel pulley hitting motor mount screw>

Here’s a picture of my single motor setup so far (adding another motor when more parts arrive):

Everything is from Dual Motor Mount Kit from DiyElectricSkateboards.com

You’ll see that right between the wheel pulley and motor mount the bottom screw touches the wheel. There just isn’t space to push the motor mount further back, and I’m pretty sure my motor mount is screwed in as tight as possible (Pics included)

(Also I have a washer so that’s not the issue)

Please help! Thank you!

Can you screw on the wheel spur gear any further? From the pictures it looks like they can be snugged up more so the gear can go in just a hair further.

Also, the pictures of the mount on the website show the m4 button screws can be countersunk in the arm itself, allowing more clearance. Yours are sticking out, which is odd. Were the screws included? Maybe the head of the screw is too wide to countersink into the pockets

@magsm Looks like your drive wheel pulley might be a bit “out” more than it should be.

1 - The best way to install the drive wheel pulley is to drill from the back end of the pulley into the wheel. I’d drill 3 of the bolts that way you can confirm the pulley is 100% flat. 2 - Bolt the bolts from the front and remove the bolts on the back and move towards the front.

That way the pulley is 100% flat against the wheel. You’ll also want the inner line parts on the wheel facing the inside of the board. You have the smooth edge on the pulley end. Smooth side facing outward when on the deck.

Hope that helps.

wheel is backwards


I was just going to say that… wheel appears to be on backwards…

WHOOOOO it works!!! the wheel was backwards. thank you @DucatiGuy @torqueboards @Jedi @Lionkev55



That means my wheels are on backwards (I am not having a rubbing issue though).

Uhg. Now I have to unbolt, put back on, realign. :expressionless: