Wheel pulleys for 107mm Flywheels

I have a guy asking me about where he can get wheel pulleys for 107mm flywheels. I checked the usual suspects and came up empty. I’m sure he would even be willing to get something second hand. Anyone know where some are?

How many teeth was he looking for? Thingiverse has a bunch for the flywheels. I’ve printed up to 44t.

44t is probably a good option for him at that size. I’ll check thingiverse.

interesting . care to share webpage address of thingyverse please :grinning:

here’s the one i’m looking at right now but I can’t tel if its HTD or not. There’s a lack of detailed info on it.

and i just found these from Altered, which remind me of the new raptor pulleys that seem to have replaced the bolt throughs we all know and love. http://alteredusa.com/product/abec-11-drive-hub/#tab-description

https://shop.sdp-si.com didnt have it?

Hey @longhairedboy, This one is an XL not An HTD. Here is the HTD one. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:833057

thanks for all the help guys. I think between all of these he’s got some options. I’ll let him know.

I’m going to have to get my own parts made. I’m kind of tired of things showing up and disappearing all the time.

There’s also one made buy imaterialize made of polypropylene, which is supposed to be stronger than pla or abs. I think it’s 44 tooth too and fits in the wheel and doesn’t need any mounting bolts. I’ve got two of them I’venever used and will sell them for 10$ each

Sold. I’ll take both of them. Pm me your PayPal address and I’ll send you my address.

I think Claudio is going to take them. He pmd me. See if he paypals me soon. Whoever sends me 25$ (For ship and pack) to [email protected] ill send them both. Both unused but one has a break in one of the flanges and a part there fell off. Still perfectly functional. Away in Colorado till four days from now but go out as soon as back.

No, I changed my mind. Let him have them.


Have been reading the forum for awhile to get educated enough to start figuring out what build I want to do. My skills are limited when it comes to the electrical, but I see you maybe do some commission work? How would we go about that?

I also see you looked into 107mm flywheel wheel pulleys, and I am considering 107mm Abec flywheel dual diagonal (or dual rear if you advise) if belt driven. Otherwise if go hub motor route, still need help commission but understand I need to go 4wd for 107mm hubs. I weigh 200 lbs but like tourque, and live in NUC so one of reasons larger wheel is unpredictable street terrain. I am also older so looking for smooth large wheel low duro.

Do you have advice on the right build design for 107mm, whether belt or hub? I have not gotten brave enough to start my own build thread yet, just reached out to two hub vendors on site (Carvon awhile back, and JacobBloy just now, maybe try hummie as well?).

Any thoughts or help in commision work would be much appreciated! Trying to get a DIY while I wait for evolve GT carbon .


Do you know what the specs on that Altered pulley is? is it 15mm width htd5?

there’s an “e-skate” company down the road from me called e-glide that had a pulley for the 107mm abecs, you could totally try contacting them and seeing if they can provide. Totally cool team, they let me walk all around their shop and showed me everything they were working on.

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can’t be 100% but that picture on their site certainly looks like an HTD5 to me.

cool. if i get that package from altered…will they fit on caliber trucks or do i have to cut the trucks to make it fit?

I watched their video on Altered site and it’s definitely 15mm. You can see HTD5 and i think 265 iirc.

The challenge w/ the Electric Flywheel 107mm’s is the depth compared to the regular flywheels. I have a set and haven’t measured them yet, but the only ones i’ve seen built for the e-fly’s are Altered’s. I would like to see how i can use spacers or some sort of 3d printed spacer to use the regular flywheel gear.

I need to bust out the calipers and get some measurements comparing the two. @longhairedboy - let us know what you find as this is what i’m hoping to use on my replacement e-GBomb! Thanks man!

being like the enertion gear - i think you’ll have to cut away some of the hanger.