Wheel pulleys with bearing vs without

I just switched my build from using evolve 66T AT gears to Trampa 62T gears. Now the Evolve gear has a bearing in it as the Trampa one just mounts on the side of the rim (awesome just awesome). Now is there any benefit to having it vs not? I mean I jut saved so much time and effort of not chopping more hangar by buying a gear like this.

Bonus Question: I just switched to these 62T Trampa gears on my TB 218 using the Board bumpers adapter which makes the bearing sit a little recessed in the wheel to fit on 8mm axles. Should this be fine with the gear? I mean I just took it for a spin and it seems solid.

I’ve got three bearings in my pullys (each) Never cut any of my hanger.
Not only is my pullys always true, but all Force directed to the pulley is transferred directly on the axle rather than acting like a leaver to the hub of the wheel.


Gotcha, what happened on my end is I was originally using the 38T Evolve gears. To get those to fit I had to chop hangar on my TB218’s. Then I wanted to put my AT gears on and for some reason they dont sit the same as the 38T gear did. They sat about 1/3" away from my motor mount which is the fixed TB V5 Mount. I either had the option of chopping more hangar or buying new gears and these worked.

I just hope that the way the bearing sits in the wheel recessed a bit on top of the fact the gear is on the outside with no bearing doesn’t lead to damage down the road, pun intended.

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This x eleventy billion. Now that I’ve had wheel pulleys with bearings, I’ll never go back to no bearings. Everything Skunk said is true.

Makes sense. It depends on the build i guess. Chopping the hanger is a pain. Somthing i avoided going SR trucks

:sob:, I totally had the chance to buy them but decided… meh I can make these work and buy xyz parts instead.

Chopping hangars wasn’t too bad… wanna know what BS I just encountered putting these wheels on my fixed forward mount V5’s? They met my dremel with a cutting wheel.

Guess what these are 20181119_204042


10x more of a pain in the ass to chop were those little nubs on my motor gear. They were rubbing my wheels so I broke out my dremel. Took a bit to cut through it and tons of sparks but hey I’m riding big again.