Wheel Recommendations Please

I live in a town in Ireland with horrible paths and roads my current 83mm wheels and rigid board really limit where I can go.

So I’m looking to get new wheels. I was thinking MBS all-terrain wheels but they’re hard to get. I’d love your guys opinions.


abec 11 flywheels are a community favorite; come in different duros and sizes to facilitate your bumpy roads…or you could go the pneumatic route which is a little pricier

Pneumatics are the best for shitty roads of course, but if you want traditional longboard wheels I’d suggest 97mm Abec11 ReFlys


If u know anyone or have access to a 3d printer u can print your rims and buy some wheels… other than that hit up @Kug3lis he just got his rims back in stock I think

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also to soften the ride a bit some soft risers might help dampen vibrations

I’ve ridden flywheels and MBS all-terrain wheels and they are both very good in my opinion. I favor the MBS wheels a bit more, because of the profile. I ride mostly on unpaved roads. All was good until I got to rough gravel/crushed rock. After riding over these things chunks started to break off the MBS wheels, so I’m trying to decide which pneumatics solution to get now. That’s probably the best solution in the long run, also in regard to joints.

i hear psychotillers sixshooters are great…never tried pneumies myself though

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Sixshooters are most excellent!


I have quite short trucks I think 7" so to get anything like pneumatic id have to change my trucks and thats just to much money atm for me.

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I think I will go still with the MBS. I might have to 3d print new pulleys incase my ones dont fit

If you have the standard 36t flywheel type of pulley it will work fine.

oh thats good to know. Do you know the best place to order MBS wheels?

Not too sure about Ireland. They’re available from Amazon in the US. Although it shouldn’t matter where you purchase them; I just wouldn’t spend more than about $70 USD on them.

Including import they add up to about 100usd from amazon

Thats a bit expensive. Although I am not familiar with the import fees to Ireland. I’ve seen slightly better prices from Ebay:



I agree the abec11 97mm wheels are amazing and I own a set, but I went with the 85mm orangatang caguama wheels. They look really nice and have a really nice ride. They are a little harder than the abec 11 and you will sacrifice your top speed but the acceleration and grip are amazing. I think with my vanguard i get 26mph on the 85mm caguama’s and 28mph on the 97mm abec 11’s.


Boas. Specifically, the Boa Constrictors.

I’ve ridden Boas and SuperFlys and … honestly… i like the Boas better. They’re 100mm as opposed to 107, so slightly less bite concern, the formular is as good or better for general commuter aplications and free riding, the profile doesn’t make them see so bulbous and huge, and they work with any kegel pulley. Also, they come in red and white which are easier to work with aesthetically than say… bright green.

But its the ride i like better mostly.


I have some almost new Slick Revolution Rough Stuff Wheels if anyone wants to buy them lol

How much and where do you live?

That’s good to know but I think I’ll stick with abec pulleys for ease but I’ll definitely do more research