Wheelie/Manual mode for a skateboard

I decided my board needs a cheating mode, it gives a little balancing help for me.

I’m VERY surprised commercial boards don’t have this mode yet, but i guess they will soon :slight_smile:

Here is video of me riding it. Had to shoot indoor as it was raining a lot in Seattle recently

The whole project started as an experiment, I was not sure if this is going to succeed, so I picked cheap parts. I think it would use more powerful motors for my v2 board.

My Setup:

  • 90mm Dual 6364 Hub motors from ebay
  • 9.75 x 36.5" NATURAL LONGBOARD SKATEBOARD Deck. You need a wide tail deck, this one is not the best choice.
  • 2x VESC 4
  • STM32F401 microprocesor
  • MPU-6050
  • 5s 5000mAh battery I had laying around. It is slow with 5s, 10s would be nice.
  • Code: GitHub - blezalex/balance_skate
  • HGLRC YK01 2.4G remote. Any PPM remote would do. YK01 is very fragile, don’t recommend it.

Here are some pictures of internals:


Details on build?!

I updated the post with my parts list and links to software

Cool shit dude!!! I need that. :exploding_head::star_struck::star_struck:

Come post it on forum.

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