Wheels don't spin freely, is it the spacers?

Morning guys! Help me out here, I’m new at this! I’m on my first step on the way of building my electric longboard and I’ve already got a problem. I put the two bearings and a spacer on two of my wheels, and while they spin freely on the axle, they don’t anymore once I tighten the nut. Washers also are correctly in place on each end of the axle. Now I’ve come to understand that it might be because of the spacer. Could it be just that? If yes, I don’t know how to solve this. If I loosen a bit the nut, the wheel spins fine but I don’t think it’s the right solution. Also, if I have to remove the spacer to solve the issue, I don’t know how to do that. Is it even possible without compromising the bearing? Thanks in advance guys!

Just loosen the nut a tad, you’re probably overtightening

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Most likely this ^^ however if you already have the wheel pulley attached my issue was the nuts holding the pulley on where rubbing against the truck axel and not allowing it to spin freely

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All right, thanks a lot guys, I’ll loosen the nut a bit and hopefully I won’t loose the wheel while riding :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. @SpeedyGornzallez it’s not the pulley wheel but good advice! I’ll keep that in mind when I’ll get to that part :slight_smile:


Ok guys, I made it as far as mounting the motor (hopefully well, we’ll see), now I have a couple of more questions. I’m going to upload a picture to better show you the situation.

The obvious connection to me was the one between the battery and the vesc. I also see the obvious connection between the motor and the vesc, though I don’t know if the 3 black wires need to follow an order, since they’re all black and there’s nothing written on them.

Then, from the vesc comes out this little 3 wired cable which I suppose must be connected with the remote receiver, and though I have the classic + and - signs on the receiver, I don’t see any on the pin of the cable. Should I just try or am I going to have a problem if I get it wrong?

Last, with the vesc came that short connector, which I can’t figure out how to use it.

Extra question, with the vesc also came a usb cable, I didn’t know I had to charge even the vesc. Once it’s all set, does it charge while I’m charging the main battery?

Thank you guys, I really appreciate your help!

The 3 wires coming out of the VESC and motor are called phase wires. You can connect them in any order, but if the motor spins the wrong direction then you need to switch two of them around and it will change direction. For the receiver wires, look on the VESC itself where the wires are attached, it might be written there. Not sure what you mean by short connector.

Also, the USB cable is for connecting your VESC to a computer so you can set it up. You don’t need to charge the VESC.

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They don’t until you get the board up and running. Connect them in any order and if your wheel spins the wrong way flip any 2 of the 3 wires.

Correct this is the servo cable which connects to the receiver. The brown wire is the ground (negative) so place that where your negative is marked and you should be good.

The usb cable is from programming your vesc, no need to charge it :wink:.

The short connecter would be for sensor cables on your motor. If there is no other wire other then the 3 black ones coming from your motor you don’t need to worry about it.

EDIT- Damn Nick beat me to it.


You guys are awesome!! :smile: Thank you so much!!! I’ll let you know how it goes when I’ll be done :slight_smile: