Wheels For sale: Abec, Kegels, Popocas, Clones, Pneumatics

Prices do not include shipping (US). I’m open to trades outside of eskate too, but I don’t want your junk. Wheels for sale left to right:

Clones: 85MM $10 90MM (only 2) $5 97MM $15

Bustin 75 MM $20

Kegels 80MM $35

90 MM Popocas $50 SOLD

Abec: 85MM $50 97MM $60 107MM Electric Flywheel $90 107MM SuperFly $100

Pneumatics: 6" DIYEboard/generic w/tubes & tires (60T pulleys x 2) $ SOLD Skikes set w/tires & tubes (single 60T pulley) $ best offer

Thanks for looking.

Wheels4sale Screenshot_20190528-162442_Gallery

$25 shipped for the 6x2s (starting offer)

Sorry dude they’re sold. Also the Popocas are sold

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Can I buy some gears for the all terrain wheels?

Do you mean the skikes? I’m sure you could, however I just have the one attached. I never got to using them.

How much do you want

I would take $40 plus shipping

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How much is shipping the Abec 107mm Superfly wheels to Denmark?

I have no clue man. Also i’ve migrated and listed this on the newer, sexier forum.

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Interested in the Abec 83’s and local to ATL. Let me know if you want to meet locally.