Wheels hitting pot hole at 500 FPS

Hey Everyone, Doug here from Momentum Boards. No not the one that is a pedo and sells 3D printed skateboards and robs people of their money. But a different one - www.momentum-boards.com.

With a 500 FPS Slow Mo camera, I created a video of my new Hollow Wheel against popular street wheels - Cloud, TB 110s, Boosted 105, ABEC 107 - hitting huge pot holes. Take a look at how they all compare. Take a look at the feet to get a sense of how comfortable each wheel is as they hit a pot hole at 16ish mph: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdMgsfaJH8w

For the past 2 years, I have been developing and testing a really comfortable ESK8 wheel that has low rolling resistance, insane grip, and insane comfort. Lots of you really helped me go in the right direction @b264 @mmaner just to name a few. I really appreciate it. I’ve been using a lot of my local ESK8 community to beta test and I have about 50 beta testers to date.

I designed 3D printed molds so I could rapidly iterate and cast urethane into. At the peak, I was doing a mold change per week to get the most comfort and grip out of the wheel without sacrificing range too much. The result is a wheel that is as comfortable (or more comfortable) as a 120mm Cloud Wheel but is as light (284g) as a Orangutang Caguama and grips like a sportbike.

How is it different? It also has an adjustable suspension insert so you can fine-tune your ride to exactly how you like it - comfort, grip, and rolling resistance. It is also completely hollow to dampen vibrations and fit the adjustable suspension inserts.

Here is more information about the wheel that I compiled into my website. We are also in pre-order campaign to move production from my apartment with 3D printed molds to a plastic injection molding factory: https://momentum-boards.com/products/one

Thanks so much and please let me know if you have any questions at all. I have had a ton of positive reviews from members inside the community that I will share in a little bit. Thanks so much to this community for helping me. This was a really fun design project for me.



One of you definitely has to change their name to prevent further damage on the Name.

Momentumboards already has a bad taste for everyone who knows about it or reads the name. No matter if its yours or not. That Name is cursed.

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I’m working on the name change. 1 man operation… Ty for feedback.

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The esk8 market has been preorder’d to death. Offloading the risk to the consumer instead of the manufacturer is {yawn} a worn-out business model.

If you are confident enough in your abilities and truly believe in your product, you should be willing to foot the risk and manufacture them before selling them.

Otherwise you’re selling only words.

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These look like they could be promising.

How hard do these hit the range? They look like they really smash the range.

What are the watt*hours per kilometer changes for all these wheels compared?

Why did you not add any pneumatics in the comparison?

Yeah. I already did pay for the tooling. Stop assuming. I have been selling hand made versions of the wheel. I am starting a pre-order for the next batch of injection molded wheels. Yes. Seriously. I’ve been working on this project and invested $17k at this point. 2 years. Hundreds of wheels. I don’t fuck around.

Pneumatics is a different market. This is for people that want big wheel comfort but without the drawbacks of murdering range, acceleration, flat tires, etc. like Pneumatics.


Notice that the inside wall is completely solid. The wheel has a taper to it (one side is bigger than the other) for two reasons:

  1. Reduce rolling resistance when cruising straight.
  2. Massive grip and turn-in response in a corner.

When you’re going straight, you have a smaller contact patch and you’re riding on the solid part of the wheel. So it mimics a road bike. Small contact area, high stiffness, and low rolling resistance. However, when you start carving, you unlock more grip because the wheel folds over and exposes more contact patch (65mm).

Range: I don’t have a W*H measurement. I don’t have a way to measure that on my board. Only making sure I’m not riding against wind or downstream of it and measuring battery level at a specific distance compared to, for instance, the TB 110 74A wheels. It’s very similar to the TB110s in terms of range consumption. Many reviews corroborate that it’s not that noticeable hit to range compared to ABEC 107.

Adjustable Suspension Inserts:

Video: https://youtu.be/LAL7HNKl_2A

*****’ Besides, this is the beauty of the Hollow Wheel because you can configure the sidewall stiffness, weight, and comfort with the adjustable inserts. If you are going for a long cruise, with one bolt, you can swap out the insert for different characteristics.

You can customize your ride to exactly how you want it. Do you like more comfort? How about more top speed? Want to coast longer? How about more grip?

The Hollow Wheel provides a fully adjustable suspension in the form of different inserts that can be inserted into the hollow wheel to adjust the stiffness, weight of the wheel, rolling resistance, and even the diameter.

Heavier the inserts will increase coasting while steadily decreasing comfort. The lighter insert will improve comfort, but reduce coasting distance. This depends heavily on the rider weight and riding preference. Having the insert inside the wheel will improve grip by increasing sidewall stiffness.

Here are the reviews so far:

“One of best wheels I have ever ridden” - Sawyer Reynolds, founder of LA area ESK8 Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LaAreaEsk8/permalink/664404450839558/

“I’ve been testing these. Pretty fucking amazing.” - Kevin Graehl. Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BoostedLA/permalink/1271663639831665/

“They handle as good as 110s on bumps but way softer ride and lighter weight. If you’re using 110s or 120s for bumps, these will chew em up” - Vincent Diaz, founder of this Verreal Board Owners group. Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/318356599145216/permalink/400656620915213/

Video of the Hollow Wheels from an early customer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gDGHEfrn1k&t

More reviews coming. Have any questions?


Please come and post this on

forum . Esk8 . news

This is a pretty interesting idea!


I’m not assuming anything, you stated you were collecting preorders. This is offloading risk onto the consumer.

This market is tired of preorders, some of which turn into scams. It’s easier to follow a traditional business model, where you create something awesome FIRST and THEN sell it.


Yes, these questions still

and please add pneumatic comparisons as well.

B264. I said I paid for the tooling already. Next question, please.

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Yep. I’ll get that Watt*hr comparison.

I won’t be doing another video of the slow mo though. The numbers will be enough.

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The slow mo video is cool.


No more slow mo. That cost me $1k just to shoot. But I’m getting someone with a VESC that can report those numbers and I’ll get those numbers hopefully this weekend.

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Did a Demoday this past weekend. I let people swap on the Hollow Wheel so they could get a first hand back to back test. Here is what happened. Had a lot of fun: https://youtu.be/L-EicXliwOA

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