When Bypass a BMS?

Hi guys, after my first build my dad wanted to build his Esk8 and he asked me to create a cart list, so I did it and put a 50A bms from APS. But I want to know if I will need to bypass it. I know if I put 40A at the BLDC tool there will be any problem, but I want to know if a 50A BMS is good for a ESK8?

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You should be good, pulling 50A isint common unless using hubs or climbing Mt. Everest.

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@JLabs Oh, I forgot to say that I dont want to bypass because I will be using the BMS switch

You dont have to bypass the BMS if it can run 50a continuously.

Yeah, 50a is fine. I just would go much lower.

If your gonna be running a Bestech bms, they tend to be under stated. For example, Mine is 80a cont but with max peak current of 240a I’am running dual vesc with battery max set at 60a each total 120a and my bms is having no issues.

No, it is not bestech. I want to buy from Alien to pay the same shipping (just because the shipping of each is 50$ to Brazil) but I was afraid of it being weak

The last time I checked alien was selling Bestech Can you post a link for the one your buying?

That is Bestech, I don’t know if you noticed but they are on back order. And it looks like they are marking up the price

Yeah, I noticed it, I’ll talk with Bruno about it. About the price, yeah, it is expensive, but pay another shipping is more expensive, so is better buying from APS