When cute girls and physics takes over - first crash

Dear diary…:crazy_face:

Three weeks ago…

So I was heading back to work after lunch break on my board when things got real. I noticed a young lady walking her huge dog on a long leash on the left side of the bike path. In front of me was a cyclist minding her own business cruising the path uphill.

I didn’t want the dog to chase me and pull the leash across the bicycle path and potentially endanger any cyclist and escooter users.

So I thought the best thing to do was pass the dog before it even notice what was going on. So I did. And this is what happened next.

I started to accelerate past the dog to my left and past the cyclist to my right. As I started to maneuver myself in front of the cyclist again is when things got crazy.

My board seemingly didn’t stop accelerating and I came too close to the curbs of the grass bed. The right front wheel hit the curb, rolled over it and my front truck bit the curb to a full stop.I managed to run 2 strides but physics took over soon after.

This where things got ugly. My left knee took the first impact then my left wrist. My mini remote took a beating but saved my right wrist from worse. My right knee also gets to make contact but my right elbow decides to have some fun as well.

My right elbow hits the ground, grinds a few cm into the ground to a stop. Physics decides it’s not done with me yet and throws me like an MMA fighter over my right elbow. My head hits the ground - lucky for me I ALWAYS use a helmet. Judging from the damage my forehead and the top of my head would have had direct contact with the ground without my helmet (imagine that mess). My back feelt the hard reality which was the ground and for a moment I lost my orientation.

The cute girl on the bike behind me rushed to my help and I was thankful for that. She was very reassuring and really made sure I was ok before she asked me my phone number…jk :laughing:

I managed to dust it off and stand on my board again and threw myself off again because my confused ass had me standing backwards on my board. That pissed me off more than my crash :rofl:

Meanwhile big ass dog goes mental and decides to get a peice of me while hot girl struggles to hold her oversized dog on the leash :sweat_smile:

I sk8 to work pumped with adrenaline feeling high and more alive than ever (was even smiling) while my colleagues looked shocked and concerned…

The wounds healed well (elbow still healing - lost most of my meat there) But I still have pain in my left wrist And left knee. Esk8 season is done for me this year. You all enjoy what’s left of your summer and stay safe!

Peace out!


did you go to a doctor?
might be a good idea to check if nothing’s broken

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Yes, my doc says nothing broken. But then again, we didn’t make x-rays so… I don’t feel pain moving my wrist around…only when I directly apply pressure to it.

Pics of the hot and cute girl or it didn’t happen. :rofl:

Glad you’re ok!


:rofl: thanks!

Cutie: OMG YOU OK? Me: I’ll be ok…be better though if you hug me for a second or two…aaaand would you mind if I take selfie of us both? It’s for the forum…

Hehe…sorry bud I gotta disappoint you. Only got pics of my wounds, remote and front hangers as proof.


Best story ever!:joy::+1::+1:. Thats awesome

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