When does the speed turn to fear?

Hello. New here. I’m planning my first build and I’m wondering what speed is too much for you? I have a background in downhill so I know how speed feels but that was years ago, didn’t have gsp speedometers then, and no brakes. I’m thinking about 30 it gets a but scary. I want my board to be able to cruise at the speed I want (commute), and maybe cross that fear boundary just a touch.

about the time you get a wobble… awesome until then…

joking aside, i typicaly gear for 25. I’ve hit 30 on a 25 mph setup (tailwind or slight slope).

have you checked out any of the speed calculators? There are quite a few with similar results - giving you a Wheel, Battery, Motor KV, motor gear / wheel gear setup for a given top speed.

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Somewhere above 20mph depending on the road and your set up is where things get critical … IMO … It really depends…but comfortable riding is 15-20mph …if you constantly above 20mph a full face is recommended…

And something about being over 20mph…seems your skin has a harder time slowing you down :wink:

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Yeah I’ve figured out how to calculate but I’m trying to make the decision of what speed I want to go. I will be going with a full helmet. some pads for when I feel like pushing it. I just want the ability to push it and still have a good efficient cruise most of the time. I’m going to buy 16t and the 13t pulleys for the ability to alter my top speed. My town has a 22 mile long smooth bike highway that connects 4 small towns and has off ramps at major roads. So excited!

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Yeah… what does the board do when that happens. What’s the chance of your board failing and throwing you to your death?

What I was gunna say. Brakes are everything. I wouldn’t go on a board down a hill over 20 without them. With brakes and a stiff board and wide trucks im not scared at 35 but exhilarated I went down at 28mph 2 weeks ago. Not so bad.

See that’s my feeling too. I have this scooter I’m selling get to fund my build. It was so fast feeling at firs, topping out at 45. But a few months in and I’m bored and being tailgated constantly. Speed and range (and building custom shit is awesome) are why I’m here instead of staring at the boosted board blog waiting for shipping updates

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45mph on a board I’m sure you won’t be bored. I used to have a scooter 50cc and I could just get it to 50 with a slight downhill. 35mph on a board seems enough to me

I am not saying I want a 45mph board. Just expressing my disappointment with an underpowered machine. I don’t want to kill myself

Lol… 20ish good…

The feeling on a board is def not like a scooter … Ride the same speed as a scooter and I guarantee a couple of white hairs extra on your head at the end of the ride

dude, a scooter or bicycle or motorcycle is completely different than a piece of wood with tiny urethane wheels under your feet. Going 20 mph to me on a board is a lot more thrilling/dangerous than going 40 mph on my road bicycle downhill.

I’ve gone over 30 mph on a board, and it’s pretty damn scary. I wear full face helmet and pads everywhere under my shirt…and I do even have a moto GP armored race suit.

The SCARIEST thing ever is anytime you lose your brakes or connection with the remote or you get the slightest hint of speed wobbles…that will make your heart skip a few beats.

If you have downhill experience, it’s still different on an E-board. First pulling off a slide to stop a regular longboard from 20 + mph while bombing hills is terrifying and no matter how many times you do it, you still are scared to do it. On an e-board, if you lose brakes or connection…you cannot pull off a slide, they are too heavy and the wheels are too soft. You’re screwed if you lose brakes, even if you have experience…unless you’re zak maytum and can footbrake at 60 mph like below. (at 1:04)

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I shouldn’t have brought the scooter into it haha. I agree and know from experience that a board is way different. My point was that I quickly grew out of that vehicle capabilities. I don’t plan on making anything that can go over 30-32 mph. Probably more like 28 max.

I know speed wobble intimately haha. I’ve taken high speed falls and lost skin. Ive seen first hand some near-deadly falls. I can foot break and with hand protection, could probably still pull an emergency slide to stop. I just want to get a feel for how others experience speed on an Eboard And Your Input helps.

I am very curious to hear about remote failure, motor failure or anything that could cause the board to stop suddenly beneath you. I hadn’t thought of that. Do you just lose power and coast against belt resistance or can it seize? I’ve seen drones lose signal and just sit there flying. Does the Vesc have safety features that shut it down smoothly or could it go full throttle without your consent?

That ride Zak does is wild. Just wild. Makes me want to be 20 again :wink: but not in the nineties…

You can set the specific amps you want going to brakes when signal is lost. I’ve only guessed at the appropriate amount…think I used .5. Most electronic failures result in dead/coasting board which isn’t terrible so long as you’re not headed down a big ass hill or going 20+ mph into a busy intersection. Occasionally electronic failures result in brakes locking up…happened to me, but it was the result of the VESC and motor short it at the same time, which I have to believe is rare. I’ve since insulated the hell out of my motor wires to prevent it from happening again.

I think that is scary, but definitely not the SCARIEST. The scariest is when you lost your remote connection and the board is pushing full throttle because of a failure and not just let you roll out. That happens to me at 32mph and because it was a test run I was only wearing a helmet and no protectors. Haven’t drive since that again.

My opinion is, that everything below 20mph feels comfortable, everything below 30mph is fun when no error occurs.


Agree, what a vid, love the soundtrack too. Ministry, Jesus built my hotrod is an awesome song and suitable for that video.

Like this one too:

What I don’t get is that he’s doing this with a helmet & gloves. No visible elbow or knee pads. And no leathers.

It’s awesome to watch, but man o man I would shit my pants…

He is crazy, but very skilled. Helmet and gloves he has, but I don’t see pads. There is a video of him posted by venom bushings where he does 70 mph downhill.

At these speeds on a longboard you won’t make it out of a crash without broken bones, skin and muscles shaved off down to bones. He is really fearless. I put on a moto go armored suit when doing around 35 mph and it’s still scary.