When is VESC 6 coming?

Is there a date or something, when will companies like enertion trampa torqueboards whoever else exist will start selling it, im interested in it because the older vescs prices will drop hard probably and a bunch of people will be selling them so if its soon id like to wait and save some money

The VESC6 is already out and being sold on Trampa’s website.

The “older VESCs” are not going to drop in price due to two factors, a) the cost of manufacturing (these are very small runs) b) the VESC6 is considerably more expensive

http://www.trampaboards.com/vesc-6-complete--vedder-electronic-speed-controller-trampa-exclusive-p-24166.html i love google, dont you?

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Vesc 6 has been trademarked by benjamin and trampa. As a result only trampa will be seling it.

I know trampa has been selling them, but i didnt know that they will be the only ones selling them

Its so expensive!

I guess i will have to go with the old one :slight_smile:

Reference design should be out soon-ish where other manufacturers can build their own VESC6 boards, though not with the same branding.

Good point @RedEagle, although I do believe Mr Vedder will be releasing the information needed for others to making them under different names.

Be ready for people eating dirt when that happens xD

? why’s that?

lol! yeah it’s gonna happen, but to be fair I think the same thing will happen as with the VESC 4 - some boxes will be cheap as possible and prone to failure, others will be made by people who want to build a good reputation and will perform well because they spent the time and money on getting it right rather than saving a couple of bucks.

Because there will be companies who will cheap out on parts resulting in an unreliable product.

If they use the same componentes suggested by Vedder the the only possible issue could be the quality of soldering jobs, the original components on the VESC 6 have proved to be good so far with no need to upgrade them as was needed to run reliable as vesc 4.

@DavidBanner in order to happen what you estimate manufacturers would have to change the part numbers of components for cheaper ones, I’m not sure if anyone would venture to do so as they would be asking for trouble altering original BOM.

The vesc6 versions from other manufacturers won’t drive the cost down by downgrading components (maybe 2% of the cost) but by cutting out the middleman.

@Eboosted Seems like Maytech may have taken that path already…

Soldering is not really such an issue unless it’s done in a proper DIY way - i.e. with a soldering iron, anyone serious is going to be use wave soldering.

I know guys who work for seriously high end audio equipment manufacturers, one of them left because he couldn’t deal with the compromises, he was literally being forced to save $1 and $2 on units that were retailing for $15k+

I guess it takes about 3 hours to solder it and if done by one person it is some serious time like 3 per day only

it takes a couple of minutes to do a PC main board, so the time to do a VESC size PCB is going to be measured in seconds not hours

Wave soldering


oh man this is so frickin cool


yeah it is!

If anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas…


having that mashine would be ao cool i would make a 100per day lol

Vesc has mostly surface mounted components and is double side populated so I doubt they use wave soldering; it is a cool video to watch though :slight_smile:

In the vesc manufacturing most of the time is spent inserting all of the components reels in the pick & place machine, and in the optical/x ray testing. Basically anything that has to be human-handled slows down the production. Reflowing 100 vescs may take up to 5 minutes with a decent industrial oven.