When would you say was the birth of electric skateboards? Is there a granddaddy of all?

It’s Father’s Day today. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!

I just started thinking…Who or what was the father to this whole Esk8 thing?


I admit it, it was me :grinning:. Jk, happy Father’s day to you all you fuckers.


According to Wikipedia "Louie Finkle of Seal Beach, California " made the first concept one and has a patent for it but was before motors and batteries were up to snuff. Also preceded by a company releasing a gas powered one in 1975


Why, the great Lord Skatan, of course.

Should get the wiki page amended to, Louie “Lord Skatan” Finckle

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Interesting…I shall do more research then…thank you for that

Then who was the first electric?

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i nominate @Namasaki as the grandfather of esk8.

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Louie Finkle of Seal Beach, California is often cited as an originator of the modern electric skateboard, offering his first wireless electric skateboard in 1997[5][2] and filing a patent in April 1999.[6]

Patent but no board …Wonder who?

Was it Altered Skateboards?

Exkate. Then Altered

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All fathers are now motherfukers. Just sayin’

I remember the first Esk8 I saw was at Sports Chalet around 2001? Back then, I had a $250 electric scooter for college called the “Go Motorboard”. I remember looking at the $5,000 price tag on their HUGE electric skateboard on display and thinking how I would never have something so awesome.


Why would you say something like that?

Casue he’s gangster


What brand?

In the late 1990’s, Louie Finkle (aka Electric Louie) invented and patented the wireless electric skateboard. From handmade electronics, a 100% original brushed motor design, to the world’s first ‘torsion’ trucks – Louie’s first boards were truly revolutionary. Back then, most things had cords, and lithium battery technology was still in its infancy. Louie combined wireless technology, speed and power with stability and reliability. Exkate was born. The only downside? Price. Back then, an X24 set you back around $1200.

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@Blitz did you not understand the “joke”? I’m a black & white kinda guy. So I’m pretty much just stating a fact.

@Michaelinvegas sadly, I don’t remember the brand


And the Psychotiller had one haha!


Only after his first child.

Edit: PS- Didn’t get the joke I had to google it. Live and learn LoL.

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Dave please dont tell me you paid $1200 back in the day

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