Where are all the Enertion Raptors in the World

Ill kick it off. 34 of approx 120-130 as at 121/7/2016. Not that many forurm Raptor owners. Where are all the Aussies? Version 1.0 Batch 1:11 Spec: carbon lid replaced with fibre composite, kick tail plate, black handle, silver press on/off switch.

Order #1146, Zurich, Switzerland. @ Howser Order #1274, Altena (Westf), Germany. @Tarzan Order #1343, Houston, TX USA @ thomwithah Order #1351, Sth East, Melbourne, Australia. @Dedbny Order #1360, Northern NJ Metro NYC Area @ MonsterCoatings Order #1550 Richland Wa. USA Mono @ Glenn Order #1571, San Clemente, California, USA@ cambo Order #1580, Hannover, Germany!.@ Mike Order #1597, Eugene, OR, USA.[email protected] Xusia Order #1689, Boulder, Colorado, USA [email protected] fredx Order #1935, Redondo Beach, CA. USA [email protected] Adam0311

1.0 Batch 2: 8 Spec: Fibre composit lid scew holes vary, no kick tail plate, silver handle, black toggle switch in lieu of silver press type on/ off switch.

Order #2151, Leuven, Belgium. (Home of STELLA ARTOIS) @Skitzor 12 screw holes Order #2257, 26789 Leer Niedersachsen, Germany @ HH1 12 screw holes. Order #2278, Frickingen, Germany @Stadler1
Order #2281, Schwaebisch Gmuend(BW), Germany. @flatsp0t Order #2450, Redondo Beach, CA. USA. Knows @ Adam0311 Order #2671, Namur, Belgium @ jux Order #2782, Southeastern Michigan, USA @Photorph arrived ~19/7/16 Order #2902, Essen(NRW) (Near Dortmund). Germany. @ Aleendis

Version 1.0 Batch 3: 10 Order #3161, Amsterdam, Netherlands @sibis666 Order #3210, Berlin, Germany. @Djupex Arrived - 21/7/16 Order #3269, Washington D.C./Maryland USA @Mr_Mahal Order #3358 - Spokane, Washington @ hrgault Order #3377 zürich switzerland @ michichopf Order #3414.,New York City, USA @themegak Order #3426 (July 27), California, Raptor Dual @ lordimes Order #3803 (25th May) Denmark @ kisum95 - arrival 27/7/16 Order #3829, Oberoesterreich, Austria. @djaxy Order #3947, Clearwater, Florida, USA. @ Cubs174449

Version 1.0 Batch 4: 5 Order #4110, unknown, Sweden. @Khayman Order #4427, Alicante, Spain. @ Leynart Order #4630, @ Esol Mono Order #4803, Vancouver Canada. @ furryfrog Order #4808 Brighton UK @ Alexander


Asides from the first batch, I think most of them are still in Jason’s garage. Mine has not yet shipped, but here is my info.

Version 1.0, batch ? Order 2782. Southeastern Michigan, USA

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Version 1.0 Batch 1 Order 1274, Altena (Westf.) Germany

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Three of them are in my garage, another one is in my truck right now, and a fifth one will be showing up soon, a guy is paying me to assemble his to spec from parts he’s acquired.

I’m surrounded by carbon fiber.

Put them out and shoot us a pic. Cant get enough of these bad boys. Thats why I want to know where they are?

Oh you want Raptor porn?

Here’s one sipping cocktails and talking street with my personal Scarlet

Here’s one on its way home after a warranty refresh

Here’s one showing off what’s under her skirt

Another bad, bad girl all undressed on the counter

Here’s another one ridden hard and dirty and giving me looks


Im having fits. Top shot with your Scarlet and the Raptor.

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I’m located in Belgium, order number was 2151, not sure which batch I was on. Got the Raptor Dual.

As you may have seen on yesterday’s VLOG, I’ve asked Jason if there’s only 94 sold. He replied there are only about 40-50 in the world, the rest is waiting for VESC’s so this list should be not to hard to make.

Nice idea btw. ! #HappyRaptoring

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@Skitzor What part of Belgium. It will help others that are interested in hooking up if your close to them.

Leuven, Home of STELLA ARTOIS !


Version 1.0 Batch 3 Order 2281, Schwaebisch Gmuend(BW), Germany Have the board, not the battery.

If I’m not mistaking the battery came from Germany, It came 5 days after the board. So It should not take too long for you to get it.

Well, it will. I have my board for 3 weeks now and two days ago jason recognized that his factory(in china) forgot to send 6 Batteries out.

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Order #2902 Germany, Essen(NRW) (Near Dortmund for everyone who is interested in Football(Sorry, called “Soccer” ;). Dual raptor. Received the battery two weeks ago, but no raptor (dammit vesc :wink:).


@Aleendis You should say near Schalke for the soccer fans. The BVB no one knows. :sunglasses: Maybe we will see us at the baldeneysee some day. :grin:


Order #3210. Got the battery but no Raptor yet. Berlin, Germany.

Order #3947 no raptor or battery Clearwater Florida

Order #3829 no raptor or battery; oberoesterreich, austria

Order 1571. San Clemente, California.

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and @Aleendis Yesterday I met with @HH1 to hand him my spare battery. Riding together is sooooo much fun! I’m also located close to you and @Dustin89 is too. When everyone is up and running we should meet for some rides together :smiley: Unfortunately five Raptors in one place is max due to the steez remote and the limited channels…