Where are you located? What do you do?

I’m from Minneapolis, just turned 22 recently and I am a computer tech for a local school district. Live with my GF who is a music teacher. We go camping sometimes, last trip was in early january, the weekend that it got down to -20 something. Went up north to cascade river state park (past lutsen mountain) couldn’t cook our food on our stove or campfire since it was so cold. Went hiking/snowshoeing, wanted to go on the gondola at lutsen but it was too cold and they were not running it. I’m a fairly avid gamer, saving up for a VIVE right now (luckily my computer is already beefy enough that I don’t have to upgrade it). Build stuff in my spare time, decent with MIG welding, beginner with TIG, and a master at soldering :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides all that, I’m a fairly boring :slight_smile:


How the heck can you sleep in -20? My nuts would suck up into my body :chestnut::chestnut:


double layer sleeping bags, and a small tent :wink:

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Age: 22 Location: Castelar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Occupation: Marketing Assistant (generation of new products in the system, control and audit, content management, category analysis).

Other hobbies, skills, interests, etc.: Music (I sing and play a couple instruments), I play rugby for my local team and I’m studying to get my PR degree.

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I’d have to pour gasoline on my sleeping bag and light it before I went to sleep

@Michaelinvegas Dude, electric blanket? On 12s? Come on, now! :electric_plug: + :rooster::8ball::baseball: = :zzz:


That’s right dude. I forgot you live in Vegas! Me and my fiancee might be stopping by Vegas to go to Havasu Falls next month. If I have my Raptor by then we can go for a ride together!

I’m sure nothing more would please your fiancé


Lol yeah right… I’ll leave it for the bears and nuts to be out in the cold… I was tired of pushing water around in the winter… No way I’m going back…really don’t need to snowboard anymore…so I’m set

I hope I have my 12s up and running by the time you get the raptor…Id like to be able to keep you within sight :eyes:

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Age: 17 yo Location: Versailles, France; I’d love to go riding with someone in the Paris area… occupation: going to school… hobbies: (other than esk8) playing tennis, windsurfing, skiing, sailplane. Coding (c, cpp, Python, swift), passionate about electronics (visit my website www.paulf.tk in order to see some of my projects)


There is a very active French esk8 forum with many members riding in Paris. You 'll find company there :


Oliver, British Columbia, Canada

Vineyard manager, Soil food web specialist, Equipment operator

Helping people plant food gardens, growing my own food, inspiring people to slave less play more, and creating ways to have more with less.


28, San Francisco Bay Area

I work in IT at Dropbox and currently spend most my spare time learning and researching rc, electric boards, and the mechanics behind it all. I’m also a musician and play drums for an American Japanese Rock band.


I’m in San Francisco as well Sub teacher. On the job as I type. Lots of chess and sitting around drinking and smoking. I’m dirty almost always but eat mostly organic food unless I’m eating out which is half the time. I like all foods and drinks but tea seems a waste of time. Used to spend 3 hours a day racing around on bikes.

It’s likely not going to present itself in this thread but I bet we all have a lot in common. Males. Independent. Creative. … I don’t know what we have in common but I’m sure there’s something we all like to do…like ride around at 1am eating a pint of ice cream without a spoon


Age : 39 Location: Garden Grove, CA, USA

Occupation: Customer Service, Trade Show Industry

Other hobbies, skills, interests, etc.: RC Planes(have a shit ton in my garage that I don’t fly anymore because of this stinking hobby!), Cars(Evo 8 Slightly Modded and 72 Plymouth Duster), Snowboarding, BEER, BEER, BEER. Did I mention BEER?!?



Age : 18 Location: Kullavik, Halland, Sweden (close to Gothenburg)

Occupation: Still in school (last year) but making some web apps and web sites to get some money. (so I can afford e-board stuff)

Other hobbies, skills, interests, etc.: Most things DIY, e-board, skateboarding, web development, Java Script, Guitar, computer games and of course beer.


32yo based in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa. Only know of 2 others from SA on here, but hoping that’ll increase!

Software developer in ERP by day. Bass player in my spare time and on weekends. Been working on my first build the last few months and coming close to completion within the next week or so. Can’t wait to start testing it out!