Where can I buy a 10s BMS that's good quality from a US seller?

hey… im in need of a 10s BMS…

does anyone have one in the US.

please let me know if there is a website that sells em from here, can’t wait a month for it to arrive…

I just got some in… I have some charge only from BesTech as well but have been so busy I havnt been able to list them.



sorry, need this for liion not lipo

running a 10s5p 30q pack

I have li-ion versions available, just select 10s

ah… i see it now,

is there a way to make it charge at 6a? just bought a 6a charger i would like to use.

There isint, 6A is pretty fast for a BMS

sweet thanks, will just confirm with @ARetardedPillow to make sure this is what i need first…

board is stuck at 32v and won’t charge at all.


this might be the one i need… can handle up to 15a continuous charging?

Is the charge only the d140? Mine burnt up, would love to order one from you if they are for sale

Yes it is, I will list them today

How did it fry?

When did they change the max charge rate? My HCX-D223V1‘s are rated 20a charge Could that be a misprint?

Accidentally let battery 10 lead touch something and short while soldering it on. Didn’t realize it hurt something till I couldn’t charge past 38 volts or so. Then I found it completely drained the p group that lead 10 was attached to. You can see the burnt spot on here



It may be a misprint, i will have to check with them

I got mine 2 years ago and these where the specs then.