Where can I buy e-Toxx mount with chain and carbone?

Hello, On my first and new project, I think it is very difficult to find a motor mount. I would like to buy the carbone edition with chain e-toxx motor mount. Where can I buy it ? Thanks for your help

I hate The lazy folk… It takes much more time to write a thread and wait for the correct answer instead of using Google… You already know the exact Name. It would be different if you do not know what options are avaible or what is the bes Mount but you exactly know The Name…

Google -> “e-toxx” -> second Link Tool me about three seconds… https://shop.elektro-skateboard.de/eigenbau-tuning/e-toxx/

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Usually, you just have to contact Jens Keppel with mail :

[email protected]

Yes, but two email in the past two weeks in order to buy his product, and no answer from him…that’s why I am asking here…he is certainly busy with a lot of work !

Well, you could have said that you already contacted him and did not get any Response. Thats very odd…

He is on the forum too. Lets invite him to this thread @Nowind :wink:

Ok, thank you !


Sorry for not getting back. I´m actually out of buisness… my wife got a very bad medical diagnostic and i have to take care of her. Sorry

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damn. take care mate @Nowind


Oh wow, im sorry to hear that @Nowind

I hope all is well.


Best wishes and prayers going your way.


Hoping for the best man! Best wishes


Best wishes, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Big love :heart: from Vegas

@Nowind I know we are spread far around the globe… is there maybe anything we could maybe help you with in this time of trouble? I can’t speak for anyone else but myself but I would be happy to lend a helping hand if that keeps you in the game. :facepunch:t2:I don’t think I would be alone.

Thoughts and prayers bro