Where can I buy Freebord S2 Bindings in the US? UPDATE

Don’t see them on their site anymore. I’d also be interested in bindings that are easy slip in and out style like the freebord

11/26…just bought a set on their website

Freebord doesn’t like us so won’t well the bindings anymore. @okp is working on an alternative.


aww they finally pulled the plug on us

Damnit I was just looking at them last month

Theres something called skyhook I believe if you are looking for alternative

Any binding recommendations that are similar?




Do you know of ETA for @okp bindings?

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similar… no idea if they are good or not though :stuck_out_tongue:

https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/u/Oldvolk57oval/summary Freebord’s old account still cracks me up


not in the very short term.


Those americankiteboarding half straps looks pretty gnarly in the short-term.

Lmao, I love the reason the account is suspended.

that was me lol


I’ve got a brand new set that I haven’t installed. Can let you have them for whatever it was that I paid.

Freeboard binding suck anyway. My buddy accidentally launched his Trampa under a car with the bindings and bindings just bent and snapped off if it can’t stop the small mass of the board how is it gonna stop a person lol

Lol I don’t think they were intended to stop a board when colliding with an object though.


Should make that a badge… achievement unlocked… asshat perma ban

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I had them for a while on my carver… Honostly they were that bad, but standard trampa binders were better. BTW if you think you are going to be able to bail out out easily with them… well that wasn’t my experience. The binding will press your foot down on the grip tape and lock you in. You pretty much have to move your foot towards the center of the board to get out which is probably an action thats hard to pull off intentional when you are about to fall. They do look cool though