Where can I buy Freebord S2 Bindings in the US? UPDATE

I am surprise with so much hate about the Freebord binding. I’ve been riding freebord for years now (shit, is it a decade already?), and I love them, at least on a freebord. It’s easy to jump off, okay you first need to practice a bit, first back feet than front feet, but I never heard anyone in freebord that got stuck into them. Also, you need to constantly put pressure on them to keep them on the right place. But freebord is definitely more of a sport than esk8, and it’s actual effort to stay on it.

Anyway, to answer the question, where can you find them, look at the European shop for freebord

or https://freebord-germany.de/index.php/produkt-kategorie/komplett-freebord-set/teile/bindungen/

Otherwise, Spin makes binding that grabs your feet a bit more, but I’ve seen accident in freebord with them where people couldn’t jump out. I couldn’t find the shop, but that’s what you should look for that


I don’t think anyone hates the freebord binding, but there was a fallout between freebord and Esk8. Btw… Spin Bindings looks great. I can’t find them on google do you have a link?

Yeah, I saw about the heated discussion. I was a bit sad to read that from the guys behind of my favorite board… For the Spin binding, no idea. I knew some guys that had them years ago. But indeed, I can’t find them online anymore… The brand was called spin, which doesn’t help to search!

They look bad ass… and they are padded too (freeborn binding hurts after a while)

FYI the Freeboard S2s are back up https://store.freebord.com/s2-bindings/

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@MrHappy see this

That’s a good price isn’t it? I thought I remember they jacked it up super high or something before.

The trick is if they actually send them…


Just don’t mention you’re from the forums in the order note and you’ll probably be fine :joy::joy:

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Thanks, hopefully they will actually ship em out

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Make the baseplate out of aluminum and I’ll buy another set. The steel baseplate are overkill and heavy.

I’ve purchased a set and have gotten shipment confirmation

My set came with all of the screw holes just wrong. I went to my local hardware store and they didn’t have a single screw that fit. The screws that came with it were sized/threaded completely off. After fixing that the bindings have been great! Fallen a few times with bindings on and no problems, have just slipped out.

Any 2020 update on this? I need a new pair and the Summerboard site only sells the pads, not the hooks. The Swiss site won’t ship to the US. Where else should I look?

nope I don’t believe they do

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