Where can I download BLDC for osx?

The site created by jacobbloy appears to be down, are there any back ups? I installed BLDC linux following directions on vedder.se and github but when I click connect it just freezes. I’m on Mint which is based on Ubuntu which might be part of the problem though.

Either way I’d rather do it through osx.

You can get it through the enertion website. It says for vesc-x, but the BLDC tool is universal, so that won’t matter.


Thank you I didn’t know if that version would work.

I have downloaded it from enertion, but it only has firmware for vesc 4.6. I have a 4.12 / 2.18 from torqueboards

Huh, that’s strange, I had the firmware for 4.12 but I’m on windows. I definitely wouldn’t proceed without the proper firmware, I’m not sure what to tell you now.

Yeah this is really frustrating. I wiped osx and reinstalled it without backing this particular thing up because I figured I could just re download it.

Well now I managed to pull the firmware files over from linux for 2.18. But I still can’t get enertion BLDC to connect

Anyone else have any suggestions? I have a Win 10 box as well I could try I suppose. But I don’t know where to download bldc-tool for win/mac other than jacobbloys sites.

here you can find the latest version for WIN / Ubuntu and MAC OSX

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Here is another option


This is the best link I found. If anyone else needs this link should provide. However I must say that I read somewhere jacobbloy is no longer porting the new versions of Linux BLDC to OSX and Win. I’m unable to verify this claim. However if it is true then we may have to use Linux from now on. It’s really not too hard to use linux. I might write a script that will do the setup automatically on a fresh Linux VM for linux novices.

@radium wait a bit - Benjamin will release the new VESC Tool with support for at least WIN and Linux soon. check out his forum, he explains everything there

That’s awesome. I wish I could contribute to the development or porting.