Where can I find mounting screws for my 6368 190kv brushless motor?

Does anyone know where I could find mounting screws for this motor ? And also, do you think this is a good motor for an electric MBS atom 90 mountain board?

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It’s a good sized motor for sure. Are you running dual. What’s the plan?

We mostly use m4 10-12mm machine screws for mounting the motors. Where about are you located?

Yes, it’s a dual setup and I live in nj and thank for the screws information.

No problem, regarding the length of the screws. Try and guess as close as possible for the length you need based on the thickness of the motor mount and thickness of the motors plate. Either 10 or 12mm. We run into big problems if the screws touch the windings inside the motor :+1:

Can these work

Yes they could work, I always buy 12.9 hardened steel screws if they are available. I posted just before you regarding the length and why it matters. You should try to measure because you may need max 10mm

I have enough space to fit these

I had to use 8mm’s too cause they are sunken into the motor mount. You’ll need some blue loctite if you don’t have any. Seems like you found what you needed though :+1:

Thank you so much for helping me out.

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if you go to amazon u can find those screw in sorts. m3 to m6 4 of each length etc. for under 10 bucks!

Torx is better insofar harder to round them out if you ever need to remove the bolts

Hi I need your help again. Do you know the specs for the screws I can use to connect the pulley to my MBS mountainboard wheels.IMG_20180716_134058870_LL

I’m sorry I don’t know what size mbs uses. I don’t have any mountainboard parts. I’m using psychotiller’s six shooters.

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You won’t believe it but it’s the same M4 screws you recommended, just longer ones.