Where can I find ShredLights outside of the U.S?


I want to buy ShredLights but unfortunately they don’t ship them to my country via the official site. I’m looking for online stores who can ship internationally ShredLights. preferably from Europe.

If you know about any store, or do you sell one by your own, I would like to hear about it.


I put the phrase Shredlights + europe in google search engine and this is the results.

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I tried it as well but couldn’t find what you posted. Thanks.

Seems like a bit overpriced, isn’t?

Where are you located?

Hmmm, I think the price is ok. Considering the different Vat system europe has compared to usa. And it’s free shipping aswell

Slick Revolution has them.

Based in Israel. I remember we talked before about it before. Can you still ship yours?

true true, I completely forgot about it​:joy::joy:

I’m still thinking about ordering mine or not. If I do I can send yours to Israel. I’d say $93 if you pay with PayPal including shipping for the combo. So it might be a little more interesting for you to get it from the other websites.

How fast do you want them anyways?

Funny thing is that I already bought one and shipped it to a friend of mine who live in the U.S. I don’t know when will he be able to ship them to me.

You didn’t order yours yet?

Nope, I really want them but just don’t think that I need them so I’m still thinking since the price is :top::top: