Where can I get a battery and enclosure that'll fit my ownboard bamboo deck?

Hello everyone!

New here but I’ve been reading around. Just recently, my Ownboard Bamboo caught on fire when I plugged in the charger. It was random, no clue what caused this but the connection port burned off so now I can’t even charge it. The board still works, turns on, connects, and runs, but I can’t charge it anymore.

This is the second time I had a problem where I had to replace the battery and I’m over talking to the customer service. I told myself I’m just going to buy the parts next time something breaks on it so I’ve been lurking on this forum a lot.

First question, should I even try repairing the port? The battery and enclosure (there’s another enclosure in the battery enclosure if that makes sense?) looks like a pain to tear apart, the BMS is inside a plastic enclosure so I haven’t checked if the BMS is okay. I am new but I believe I would just need to replace the charging port wire from the BMS but I’m not sure??

Second question, would it be better if I just replace the battery and enclosure? If so, can anyone direct me to a reputable site where I can purchase one? Someone messaged me a link of the exact battery with the enclosure but I can’t find it anymore.

Here’s some pics of what happened