Where can I get a good BMS?

Anyone know where to get a bms?

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Battery Supports or Bestech Power. What pack are you using? 10s3por 10s4p?

well i use a few different one LIPO and Li ion. most are 6s

How many in parallel? And how many amp hours?

Oh I won’t mix the chemistries they’re for different boards. But on my main board it’s 22.2 volt 18 amp hour. 6 cell And that’s the lipo Custom made

who made your pack? I’m looking for a 6S pack to replace my dead 10Ah 6S i got last year.

I’m toying with the idea of making my own 18650 packs though. not to sell at first, but just to learn how it all works and experiment with them.

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I made them I can make 18650 or flat lipo cells. If you need any help hit me up I’m happy to help. I’m trying to incorporate a bms into them so that way you don’t need to have a balance charger to charge them.

You ever consider repairing you battery cell? It’s prob just one cell that’s bad

One more thing. Sorry. What’s the c rating of your pack?

Do this calculation: Amount in parallel x max amp output per cell = max continuous current of lipo Then you know what BMS you need because you look for the one that has those max continuous current protection.

Let’s say it was 10c (3000mah per cell) So it would be able to push 30amps per cell: 4 x 30 = 120amps So your pack can supply 120amps.

@chaka Please correct me if I’m wrong.

You could use a watt meter and see how many amps your battery is pushing out then get a bms related to that.

EDIT: Changed the calculations. They were wrong.

I’m pretty sure 10c is really high for a discharge rating… I’m pretty sure most (reasonable) packs aren’t anywhere near that rating.

haha maybe you are right though :smile:

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For a lipo. I think that’s right.

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Yea I’m actually at 30c lol @lox897 @cmatson I used the cells out of 2 zippy 8amp hour 6 s cells

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some of these high amp hour 6S multirotor packs have like a 2C rating. has anyone used one that low?

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haha nevermind then!

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure multi rotors use really high C ratings because of the nature of the device. But I think 2c wouldn’t really be much of an issue for our purposes.

@lox897 so with my stats what bms so you recommend? maybe a link if you dont mind please :slight_smile:

I think you’d get best results if you used a watt meter and tracked how many amps you are pulling. There aren’t many bms that are made for more than 100 amp continuous.

i saw a 2C 6S 20Ah pack on hobby king the other day and now i can’t find it, just the typical 20C. maybe it was a mis-print, but they sort of discussed extending the capacity by lowering the burst output or some such nonsense. Anywhooo… that’s way off topic. Sorry!


Delivery took a while.

how long did it take? I was looking at that same site just yesterday.

And does a PCB like that allow charging from a laptop style charger? or do you need a full BMS for that? I’m still new to the terminology with battery stuff and i’m not always sure what i’m looking at.