Where can I get my hands on

Hey guys,

I want to thank this amazing community again for all their help but I need you all once again (probably not the last time mind you).

I have 3x 3S 8Ah 30C lipo batteries and looking to charge them in series while docked under my deck. However I’m having trouble finding a balance charger with sufficient voltage.

Additionally, ABEC 11 flywheels, 90mm 75a… why are these things impossible to find in the UK? if anyone is looking to sell a new set (doubt it) or can point me in the direction of a vendor (I’m hoping to avoid crazy shipping costs) who has these in stock I’d much appreciate it and will pray that your method of contraceptive never fails you.

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It’s pretty hard to find a 9s lipo charger for under ~$200. The best I can recommend is get a paraboard to charge them in parallel with a cheap $50 lipo charger, but you do have to unplug them and plug them in to the charger to do that. As far as flywheels, they’re hard to find. Have you looked at flywheel clones on Amazon? I have a pair of 90mm ones that I paid $30 for that came with (crappy) bearings, but they’ve held up for 6 months of use and I can’t really tell the difference between them and my legitimate flywheels.

Hmm, well since I’ll be making my own enclosure I think I’ll design it and the circuitry to make it easy to plug and unplug the batteries.

Paraboard and cheaper balance charger it is!

People have raved about how the genuine flywheels are great. If you own them and clones and say there’s no difference then I’d love a link to check them out (I’m assuming they’ll still fit the pulley etc all the same).

Thanks for your rapid response!

Edit: I’ll be off to bed so won’t reply till a.m.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01IBJ5ZFQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1493762885&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=owlsome+wheels&dpPl=1&dpID=51Gr6FlK17L&ref=plSrch Here’s the ones I got. I should’ve say tho, I’m not a big downhill rider, and I don’t do Coleman slides or anything, so maybe if you’re doing that, you notice the difference between these and flywheels, but just for riding, (from cruising at 15 mph to going 30+mph, I haven’t noticed any difference). And yes, these fit the wheel gears I’ve put on them just fine.

Where can I get my hands on ronin trucks… it’s like they have fallen into the same abyss as abecs,

Checked them out, though my issue with them is that at 82a, they’ll be too hard for the streets I ride.

Big Flywheel’s 78A in UK: https://www.proto-boards.com/product-page/83mm-protoboards-wheels (not sure if really 90mm but they seem to be pretty big)

9S is sort of difficult, the charging bricks we usually use are only available in 8S- or 10S+ unfortunately.

I would consider upgrading to 10S with a single cell of the same LiPo type (especially in C, mAh) and buying this charger.

Thanks! Though even those clones are out of stock lol.

Since I’ve already purchased the 9s lipos I’ll just engineer a way to get them out and charge them in parallel (though reading on the interwebs tells me that’s generally a bad idea/it is advised against doing so).

Edit: though I suppose I could charge two batteries in series and one by itself. Wouldn’t be bad since I spend most evenings at home.

I found a shop, a little bit more like a warehouse which is I think the main supplier for evolve in France. I was in there today and they have mountains of avec 11 flywheels of both 90mm and 97mm. I think the 97mm ones were 130 euros, not sure how much the 90mm ones were. They also had 100mm mbs wheels for 80 euros which felt quite hard though. I can’t seem to find the website to be able to buy on line. I’m back in the UK tomorrow and may be able to pop in on the way bay. Failing that I’m back out here next week and can pop and see what they can do?

Dude! That’s crazy considering the availability online atm.

Quick weird point off topic; Reminds me about farmers and their onions they take em out and keep them in a dark and cold warehouse for 2-3 years waiting for the right price to sell them.

Would you be able to grab a set of 90mm 75a (78a if there are no 75a’s) by any chance? I’ve no idea why but I’m fixated on getting a set of these wheels.

I can pay for postage and add a little more for your trouble if you’d like.

I’ll drop you PM when I get back there next week. It’s a right aladin’s cave, (or cool farmers onion shed)

Just found this.

This is the place.

Ordered a set of 90mm 78a wheels. Thanks man! its a shame they didn’t have any on their English site.

How can i order from there to america?

No probs, any trouble with the lingo I can help or google translate is ace. What did they hit you for postage?

€17 for P&P and they’ve already sent it off!

Though I’m now kinda wishing I got the 97mm 75a set but was worried about torque since I’m 95kg.

As long as you get the correct hearing it should be all good.

So I should have got the 97s?

Do you mean bearings? I got Bones Reds

Or did you mean gear ratios?

Sorry, I meant ratios. Looking at the wheels in the shop and thinking back. I think the 90s would be excellent. I’d like them all to be honest. The 97s would be heavy and more prone to wheel bite depending on the setup. Roll over everything though. One other item I saw when I was there was the gullwing wide double cup double motor mount trucks. Really nice.

Man it sounds like you went to the Wonka chocolate factory.

My build started out at a £500 budget build but now its neared the 600 mark. My deck is a drop through and has cutouts that I think will be enough to prevent wheel bite.

Either way, the 90mm are coming and either I sell them if I think they’re too small to someone in the UK and grab the bigger ones or I keep em.

Edit: you’ve been an absolute blessing. Thank you so much for your help.