Where can I get the same charging socket

I have multiple acton 42v chargers and am building a eboard ground up and want to use the chargers I already have so where can I get that charging port with the seal thing in the US.

I got one from here because I wanted 5.5/2.1mm DC socket, but if you don’t mind soldering Amazon has them too.

can’t find it on amazon

If got them available :blush:


7$ shipping for a 2$ part ahhh

Maybe you can get some other parts to make up for it :wink:

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Do I need two Bluetooth modules for two escs or only one

If you want to monitor stats you only need one, if you want to change settings in both VESC you will need two


If he uses a canbus one should be sufficient?!

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Can we get a wiring diagram for this plug, please ? Just need to it to charge my new board and the charging port I used on my previous had only 2 pins (easy to understand and wire but there is 3 pins on those new ones, 2 positive and 1 ground)

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That’s what I was thinking but I just don’t know

Thank you, @Kuchi ! I saw this picture when searching for information on wiring but it’s still not clear for me.

I think the left side of the picture is enough but what is the right part for ? I won’t rewired each time I unplugged so it makes me confused… Guess it means that when no plug is inserted, the 2 positive pins (linked by green lines) are connected/shorted but I’m not sure.Can you confirm or explain if I’m wrong. Thank in advance.

I would just go by what it shows in the first, don’t know what the second is showing

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Ok, thank you !

Make sure you don’t mix up that some are 5.5mm x 2.5mm and some are 5.5mm x 2.1mm.

For eskate you almost certainly want to AVOID 5.5mm x 2.5mm

Pay attention to that :wink:

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This is late af, but does it matter which positive pin I use? I soldered the connection to the third pin instead of the second pin like the diagram, but since both are positive I don’t think that matters?

Sorry for the newb question… but why should we avoid 5.5mm x 2.5mm?

Because mixing and matching can cause loose connections and arcs which causes heat which can melt stuff or in the absolute worst case, a fire.

If you stick to everything 5.5mm x 2.1mm you won’t have any issues and if for example you buy a charger from someone on the forum, then it will fit because everyone uses 5.5x2.1 in esk8


Does anyone know max amp rating on these? I guess 5.5-6A, for 4-5A rated connector still should be fine, right?

I saw somewhere few folks said 8A wouldnt be so good and could start causing some damage / trouble already…

Any thoughts on this topic?


These seem to be sturdy (good metal pins) though they are 5.5x2.5mm… but charger hasnt been ordered and it has option for 2.5mm plug anyways