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Where do I FIND.....? (Post your answer as a LINK)

I was using a little NTM prop with this set up for abut 2 years, 8 miles to work and 8 home when I could with no issues except for ESC burn ups. I recently graduated to a spacecell, VESC and hub motors from Hummie and Jacob so I will probably put the NTM system on my daughters board.

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And I see that you have them set up to fit bomb trucks? How are those trucks??? And where the heck can u buy them?

Bomb trucks are great but I havent been able to find them since I bought these. I got them at Zumies online.


I would very much like to see the file! :slight_smile:

How do I send other types of files other than jpg for the people who want them.


20 20 20 words

i already have a pair of them, i was looking for other colours.

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cool, didnt know if there was some way here on esk8.

Try this


where can i find heat shrink for a full 18650 battery pack?
is it a plastic foil? or what?

Are you looking for clone flywheels or Abec11’s
Hanger 94 has one set of Abec11 Flywheels left that are 90mm 78A
I could not find any on the web.
5270 Jackson Drive
La Mesa, CA 91942
Ph. 619-469-9494

here’s a link for clones

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing these.

That’s a solid for the community thank you @korryh

The way it should be!:fist:t2:

Humm this thread seems to be very helpful…thank you to all the information providers…

It cuts our search time!!!

I’m surprised that ur Canadian skate shops are zero help…did you reach out to them if they can order them for you mate?

Thanks for the links @Namasaki

I was telling @delta_19 that I was looking at a few the other day…then gone…was actually looking at the yellow ones… Reminds me of Carvon

It’s called pvc shrink tube and you can find it on eBay.

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No not that I know what shrink tube is I’m talking about the stuff for entire batter packs…

Most of the clones are brand less so shops can’t stock them and, shops don’t like stocking cheap clones of what they sell. I made a stock alert thread though and found a seller that will have more in 4 weeks

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I was looking at those 97mm :eyes::thinking: