Where do I plug this in?

Sorry, total noob question. Where do I plug in this motor connector to my single drive ESC? I assumed I should plug it in to the thing in the 3rd picture but it doesn’t seem to fit.

45690127_324363971697660_2523536162505621504_n 45517253_1461907547287344_2341610466062630912_n 45320608_284571848841968_1669581301239250944_n

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That is where that connector should go. You need to wire up a new connector to the wires which is the same as the one on the esc. Not totally nessesary though. You can ride without it.

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What does the connector do then?

It is the sensors that make startup smoother. Nice to have but not necessary

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Stick it in here

Eh do it for science and see what happens. We’ll wait…

The connector is slightly too wide

Leave the sensor disconnected. Those esc’s are fine sensorless and you will get a hairs width more speed.

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