Where do you find your motor pulleys?

Hello, I bought a cheap, temporary aluminum pulley from @JLabs and my time with it is now up. I searched around eBay and Amazon for a bit to no appeal. I am in need of a steel 12-15t 5mm pitch 8mm bore pulley, preferably with a keyway. If anyone has one that they can sell me or has a place they recommend buying from, please share. I am in US.

Got mine from @Titoxd10001 15t 15mm wide with key and keyway.

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@Sebike I also got 2 paris of 15T/40T pulleys from him, really good quality.

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@johnny_261 has them also

diyes should have them.

Ebay lol searching htd 5m pulley

Thanks guys, I think I got the last one from @Titoxd10001.

The hard part is finding a steel one with a keyway. I don’t have any files small enough to make one

@johnny_261 has a new shipment of motor and wheel pulleys but ships from Canada. If you can wait a couple weeks with shipping I say get them from him, I have heard great reviews.

Yea I already have my wheel pulley from him, it’s great. I didn’t need a kit though.