Where do you get your Flywheels?

Evening all,

Searching from the UK, it seems really hard to find 75A 97mm Flywheels… Are they like dinosaurs now, or am I missing something?

Where do you get 'em?

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Funny you should say that, I’ve just signed up to the forum and have just began getting together parts for my 1st sk8, and I’ve bought some 90mm flywheels from stoked longboards like yesterday funnily enough! UK seller!

They have 97mm and you can choose you durometer: http://www.stokedlongboards.co.uk/-p-286.html

yea - found them too before I went on holiday, but when i mailed them they said they only had 78A… but if you got them yesterday, then…

Said the same thing to me too, I just got 78a, cant find them anywhere else in the uk for that cheap new

You’ve to seach worldwide, everyone wants them and nobody is selling them, escpecially not for cheap. I went through google search (up to page 10+) a few months ago, asked several skateshops and bought the last one ever. (I guess)

Besides the 97mm in 75a, the 90mm in 75a will be out of stock soon too, forever, so if you’ve the chance to get one, take it.

I got these in green but only thing is unsure on duro as doesn’t say but they aren’t so for hard in the middle. I know they are 83mm but there are similar ones in 97mm in China on eBay.


Edit these are 97mm just no duro rating


I just bought a set of these from evolve last week. That was the only place I could find them in stock. https://evolveskateboardsusa.com/collections/gt-series-parts/products/abec-11-flywheels-97mm-75a

There is a group buy going on now for Europe. @ajaynagra is running it.

@ajaynagra is that for real abec’s or clones from far east? Thread link?

Tx @JLabs


clones from china

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I get them from ebay

I got my 90mm 75A from these guys


Took 2 weeks for the package to get to me in Spain

Clones are apparently falling apart in the hub.

Two Words: Group Buy

(if someone wants to organise it…)

Hard to tell. There are some (one or two) reports of failing clones, but this has nothing to say about clones in general. I’ve done 500 Miles on some clones and there are no signs that they will not last another 500.

But BTT:

They are hard to get at the moment because they stopped Producing this version but did not release the next one yet.

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It pays to know how to use web search. Just got myself a set of 75A 83mm + trucks for half price!

Seriously though. Where do you all get your flywheels. Muirskate,Daddies and my other go to’s are sold out and backordered on all flywheels. I ordered some from Boards on Nord and they are telling me that they were supposed to get a fresh batch of flywheels 11/1 but the box came from abec11 with everything but flywheels. They expect a box of flywheels at the end of november with no guarantees. Muir skate said they expect flywheels to come in before the 31st of december. So, as far as I know, nobody has any flywheels, but a fresh batch is being made as I write…

Orangutangs are in stock…

I heard @chaka at Ollin boards had some in stock or was getting some soon.

Abec was cleaned out by most skate shops in preparation for the holidays. They have another batch in production and you should see most shops with stock ready to ship in the next few weeks!

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Where from @oneafrikan ?