Where does everyone work out of?

Hi I have been riding for some years now. I started working on my board at home and getting my neighbor to help on some steps because of a lack of tools, but now I work out of a place called techshop in Pittsburgh. techshop is a chain maker space (you pay to use the shop). i was wondering if anyone else worked at a techshop or a local makerspace. for those who work at home post a pick of your bench/shop so I can see what kinda stuff people are into.

I was thinking of trying techshop but the prices are ridiculously high. I bought my own tools with the money instead. I work out of my living room and garage.


I was in a program called startable and they gave me a 1 year membership and a lot of classes. their is now way i could work out of techshop without stratabls help. If you want I can give you a promo that gets you 1 month free if you buy a month. (DISCLAIMER: this also gets me one month for free)

I work out of my garage for most things, but if there is a need for heavy machinery, I have access to my FIRST Robotics’ team workshop. We have drill presses, lathes, a mill, a few bandsaws, and countless power tools. Oh, and a TIG welder. I also have access to another shop that has a CNC machine.

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I work out of my basement.

Heavy machinery (drill press, lathe, mills, saws, water jet, etc) work I do in one of the shops at my university. Soldering and most everything else I do at my desk at my student IT job :slight_smile:

I work out of my room. I have a cnc milling machine, soldering iron, heat gun, and other basic tools. It gets everything I need to do done.

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Love my tig welder! Wish I could use it more but not much welding is needed in eboarding.

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Ever think about welding motor mounts to trucks instead of creating mountable motor mounts? I think that’s the only use for a welder on an eboard…

I have never really liked the idea of welded mounts.

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I have a welded mount and love it! I beat the crap out of it, the mount has been shaved down from. Scraping off pavment cracks and sidewalk gaps. I have neve had a issue with it and probably never will.

Thats awsome that your collage lets you use the water jet!

It is quite a blessing. Got my motor mounts, wheel pulley, and wheel pulley mount cut on the water jet. Just had to pay for materials :slight_smile: I am an engineering major (electrical) and so it’s kind of a service to those in my dept.

I just spent about 4 hours drilling/filing/hack sawing and my arm is cramping up. I would kill for access to some kind of milling machine!

My workshop is sort of a covered area that we used to have a table tennis table and a big long table for eating and the kids used to play in.

Now it’s been completely taken over, there is sawdust and aluminum shavings everywhere, and I keep walking them into the house and getting in trouble with my wife. Trying to get a proper workshop sorted!

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Out of my dad’s work. Not much space

Dremel, file, and soldering gun at the kitchen table. Just requires a good broom and an understanding wife.


How bout no tools and Make the whole hanger out of wax on the 3D Printer and do lost wax casting where u cover it in plaster and melt Out the wax with metal.

Or silicone molds casting them onto the hanger with carbon and resin.

Forming instead of cutting out.

j and b Weld with some filler and rubber gloves

Spare room… soon to be in a van down by the river though if I keep spending all my money on skateboards :grinning: