Where is PsychoTiller?

I noticed he hasn’t posted in almost a month and I haven’t heard from him about an order in about the same. I hope he’s OK.


wrong forum I guess :grin:



Yeah; most of us went to the new forum.


Yeah, and now we dont deal with one dictator but instead two. I signed in like a month ago… and no response so far. So I asume is only a site for just a few priviliged people and not the rest of us. Which is logical, since that site was created to counter this one. The reason for the whole move was to ‘steal’ the most relevant, unhappy and knowleageable peeps from the community and to some extent Esk8news was successful in achieving that goal. Everybody knows that. So now that attracted a good chunk of the savy peeps this the current state of affairs. Guess we are going to continue in the blue regarding ‘news’ from the other side.


Are you saying only privileged people are allowed over there?

I’m trying to decipher your sentence, and if that’s the case i’m pretty sure everyone is welcome over there.


All are welcome!



What do you even mean by no response? We are pretty active over there and welcoming new members everyday.

If you are saying that your email was not registered then please try again. Initially they had issues with the server because of the massive influx.


I mean psychotiller isn’t responding at the moment but that’s because he’s hella buys with new shit for the store and making boards, everyone else is super active…there hasn’t been less than 30 active people at any time of day

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If they let me in the bar must be pretty low.


That’s not at all what happened. Come join us.

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Exactly that my friend. I’m not crazy. Sign in is a sign in. Send it and then nothing… never got a response by mail, a link, or nothing. So I tought: “hummmm… I’m in the middle of a war here, perhaps is better to leave things like that and dont get involve in a fight that is not mine”. This was when everybody was crazy about flocking to … “We are going there, c’monn sign in”. Went there did my thing and then…nothing.

So I assumed that hapened for a reason and now is up to their webmaster to accept you or not. Just forgot about the whole thing and kept living my daily ESBuilders live. But people kept mentioning things are happening there, sales, “I dont come here any more, I’m all there now” …blah, blah, blah. :roll_eyes:

It’s just an error with their forums for some reason. I had the same issue when i signed up, for some reason the forum hates Yahoo emails(not sure if that’s what you are using).

After trying my Google email it came through almost instantly.


Nah, just that your mail provider rejected the mail silently as they thought it was junk. When the new forum really started going, it looked to their servers as a brand new spammer … their systems couldn’t tell the difference. Now they know it’s legit. A bunch of emails bounced there for a moment.


Yea even my account didn’t register at first. I waited a day and tried again and it worked.

It was never meant to steal anyone from this site, those people left because they didn’t appreciate how a certain person spoke to them and their friends. They weren’t stolen, they were driven out.

So if ya wanna join, just do it, try it again. The servers/hosting has been upgraded since the whole community pitched in and help fund it all.


What kind of insecure thinking is this I’m reading? There is nothing elitist going on at news in fact just the opposite. The same people you got along with here are now there. Its not personal to you at all. It was very personal to those who got banned from this site for expressing negativity towards the owner regarding his business practices and thats the reason for the exodus. Theres no war. No animosity just a group of people that wanted to actually be a part of a community and not a sales platform. For goodness sake try again and you will be made very welcome. I only come back in here to interact with the likes of you dude. The ones that are not over there so relax theres no conspiracy going on. When you turn up I will personally give you a big sloppy kiss. :kissing_heart:


Just contact the man through ig…

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You are the guy @dareno!! I’m gonna get a good beard shave for your welcome.:metal: :yum:


oh wow, I’ve been away from the forums for months, had no idea this happened!

I was wondering for a while why you didn’t join the other. I like both forum’s but I tend to log into the other more often now because the OG’s and most active members are on there


Never got the chance to join. I truly believed was an elitist thing

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