Where is the e skate prebuilt production really?

Hi everybody. I was searcing on the web, the most famous e board on the market now, and in sequence we have, Evole, Boosted board, Inboard, Blink, Meepo , Lou, Slick revolution exc… All with beautiful website, all with cool photos, but in every case, you never see the factory production. I was a baker of Lou board on kickstarter, because in the video the young guy said, we are Swiss and this is Lou, but finally it was a 100% chinese product.

So my question is: is there a factory that produce them in USA or EUROPE, or in any case they come from China? I see on my bamboo gt, made in China on the package :frowning:
so what do you think?

One of the best ones fits all your criteria … Metroboard. They have youtube videos of their production facility in Washington, USA

It’s the only one?

whats wrong with the chinese factory tho?

i believe in Montreal Canada there is one company make themselves. has bad naming can’t quite remember. some one will name it here for sure

Whats your point? Batteries, electronics, motors are all made in asia? So in the end to assembly them somewhere else is bit no point…

yeah agree, the electrronic components, all from shenzen china

If it needs service, shipping is cheap and fast and the personnel are very good at communication

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But that doesn’t matter in regards to production.

My is only a curiosity, nothing against the chinese. Just only a curiosity about the assembly production.

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Boosted ass3mble them in the US (California).

So are Carvon boards, and Hummie’s hubs.


Mellow is made in Germany.


ollin is made in US


I think you will always be scarfing with pre-buildt, not saying they are bad boards but doing the research and building your own is very rewarding and you can always change your design for riding preference and tuning purposes. I like taking things apart and learning how they work and eSK8 is one of the best options to learn about motors, drives, batteries, electronics ect… I know it is not for everyone but when you roll your own you end up knowing so much more about whats under your feet doing 30mph. This community has such a strong commitment to helping the beginner to the most advanced enthusiasts I am so glad I did my DIY.


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Yes sure DIY it is really satisfactory, my first built was a mbs comp 90 AT with two alien power 6374,do it with a fried, yes it’s cool. Than i bought a bamboo gt, jus for show the difference between industrial skate and mine.