Where should I get a HM-10 bluetooth module?

Hey guys, so I’ve been looking for some HM-10 that’s not too expensive. I found this listing on eBay don’t know if it would work? If I bought this and soldered myself, where could I get the JST connector?

Second option is to get one that’s pre-soldered. Are there any cheap ones out there?

Yes @rey8801 is selling them

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So price is $9.4 + how much shipping to the US? Edit: nvm I read till the end. $5.9 shipping right?

yes, that the lowest shipping price I could get. You have extra space so in case you need something else, the shipping cost is covered

the module are 9 Euro so 10.6$

so $16.5 in total. Do you have an anti spark switch? I’m considering buying one.

Also do you know where to get the JST connector to solder? I might go ahead and do it myself :sweat_smile: it seems cheaper that way :grin:

what you mean with jst connector? if it is for the module mine come plug and play as picture. You only have to plug it into the VESC. I don’t have antispark switch sorry. I have XT90 antispark to make the loop key but not the eswitch.


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I have an og metr module and a standard HM-10 module I’m not using I could sell it you’re in the USA. $20+shipping for metr or $10+shipping for standard hm-10. I’m in Seattle

No I meant I want to solder it myself.

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Ah ok, if you prefer like that no problem. In the price I will include everything you need to make your module, meaning hm-10 (flashed with original HM-10 firmware to be compatible with Android Oreo too. / JST and wires / heat shrink. Let me know :wink:

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Does yours work without any problem? I’ve seen some people say their module have issues connecting or something…

@JLabs Has them pre cabled. I just got mine from him and its really well done.

As I said mine come with original HM-10 firmware. The reason why the others have connection problem is due to a clone firmware installed on the module. Basically either you flash it or you get an original one for more then double. All the other that you will find online are clone and you have to be lucky to get the right firmware. That’s my experience :wink: PS: I have oreo 8.x. and my bluetooth module always worked. I usually send them plug nad play but if you want to solder it by your self, for the same price I will give you the kit for it with all the parts. Anyhow if you need help, just ask


Thanks for the insight! I use iOS so it should work regardless of the firmware right? Don’t know why Android is being picky on the firmware, it should’ve been the other way around :rofl:

Yes with IOS no problem. Oreo changed the BLE connection

Where did you end up getting the BT Module from?

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Ended up buying from him.

Not sure where he got his module from, but when I use it I found out it didn’t have an original HM firmware and that gave me issue uploading configs with Xmatic app. I reflashed it with my Arduino (I held the pin manually - took many tries to get it right) and now it’s working perfectly fine. So I recommend you buying from someone like @rey8801 as he has flashed it with the original firmware already.

ya was considering @rey8801 was hoping to find one in the US.

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