Where the hell are all the Steez remotes?

Where the fuck are all the Steez remotes? I need one now. If you have one in new condition i want it immediately.

Carvon’s site doesn’t have them listed anymore and Enertion’s site is telling me it can’t be shipped to my address, but for some reason motors, pulleys, belts, and mounts can be. I can’t seem to find anything on google either.

I demand answers from the intarwebs.

What is a “Steez remote”?

Its this.

Enertion uses them for their Raptors and Carvon used to sell them, that’s where i got the one i have now. Somebody also just pointed out that Maytech is selling them on Alibaba, interestingly enough… I was hoping not to have to order anything from China but if i can’t find an alternative…

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ugh. Shipping is murder and it would take like two or three weeks to get here. Thanks @treenutter for sending me the link though.

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Have you talked to @onloop directly on why it can’t be shipped to your address?

Hmm alright, never seen that controller before. What’s so special with the Steez remote?

of course, i have an email in. However, i’m sure he’s in bed right now considering he’s 14 hours ahead of me. Either that or working sorcery in his lab. I’m not going to order anything until i hear back from him though as i would prefer to give him my business. But i wanted to find alternative sources because the sudden unavailability, for whatever reason, rattled my nerves and made me start swearing out loud.

Maybe I’ve had too much soda.

@karma its a pleasure to use, i prefer it over everything because 1) it doesn’t look like a gun and 2) its very ergonomic and doesn’t give me sore trigger fingers after a while and 3) its the same FHSS 2.4Ghz tech as the GT2B so its just as reliable and 4) it can take a streeting better than the GT2B

Only downside is price, which keeps people like DIYers here from jumping on them, which in turn keeps the price high. They’re over $100 no matter where you get them apparently.

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Swearing out loud = sol. This could catch on like lol or fml.


SOL is Shit Outta Luck. Same feeling though.

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can everyone please check my website…

i have now had two reports of the product not being able to be purchased…

Please try to buy this: http://www.enertionboards.com/categories/electric-skateboard-parts/wireless-hand-controller.html

Damn! I need to get with the times.

so is the product actually purchasable?

Still nada. I get a pop up during checkout saying it can’t be shipped to my address. I’ll PM you a screen shot.

I guess you don’t like trigger remotes ?

The cool thing about these remotes is they have cruise control. Correct me if I’m wrong, guys.

@Namasaki I love all three of my GT2Bs. I just get sore trigger finger after a while and I’ve streeted two of them so they’re hot glued and rewired. I’ve tossed my steez at full speed and it barely even gets scratched after bouncing down the street and smashing into shit. and it fits in my pocket and…

@claudiofiore88 … Yes it does indeed have cruise control. and I suspect it has other interesting functionality such as some sort of light control, but I haven’t messed with it that far yet.

https://www.lecdec.com/shop/parts/remote-control/ 8 in stock here. Don’t know if it includes receiver

@Namasaki the lecdec remote doesn’t include a receiver, and they claim that they will only sell the remote to Lecdec owners. I emailed them about it a few months ago.

Enertion support advised me yesterday that they didnt have any in stock. Even if you could resolve the issue with getting order to send to your address. No eta on when available other than on order from manufactuer.

i’m about to have two of these from maytech. i think they shipped already, so we’ll find out what’s up with them.