Where to buy a 4wd belt drive esc that can handle 13s18p?

Building a awd 13s18p setup, where to buy a VESC for 4 belt motors?

Suggestions to reconsider for a 2wd are not welcomed :wink:

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3p? 4wd would be entirely pointless. No point having a battery capable of at max 3200W (Less for most of the ride) then fitting it out with 10000W+ worth of motors, not to mention the massive cost increase (4 vescs, 4 mounts, 4 motors, 4 pulley sets, 4 belts which all snap…) and massive weight increases. If you’re going 4wd, you need at least 8P+ or its just bottlenecked as fuck.

As for a 4WD esc, pretty much any VESC can do 4wd over split PPM or can.

13s3p 4wd :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::man_facepalming:

It’s actually 13s3p times 6 thank you very much.

Could you send me a link to the vesc you’re talking about and how to tune it for 4 sets of belt motors?

Get two Unitys or 4 Trampa VESC 6 or 2 Flipsky FSESC 6.6 dual (mini). They all can do 4wd

Would it be a plug and play type of esc or I need a manual? Also, is there a way to extend the wires that connect the two esc on the ones you mentioned? (I’m assuming the awd setup will be two sets of dual hub esc connected in some way)

Wow. 234 cells is a lot of cells dude… like nearly 100 more cells than some of the biggest batteries going around. Search around here for the terms ‘4wd’ ‘can vs ppm’ ‘vesc’

The questions you are asking have been asked before.

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Yea it’s a huge project.

Tried looking around the forum but couldn’t find an answer to my 13s question, every other build is 12s max.

Besides, the board I’m installing it on is longer than usual so I would need to extend the connecting wires between the esc’s and I had a load of questions besides the obvious ones.

There’s lots of general chit chat on the forums and I can’t read all of it to answer a simple question that I would rather ask.

Sorry if a repetitive question annoyed you that you had to direct me to the search bar, you can just ignore it and move on.

Will you be making the battery yourself?

No, I have 13s3p battery packs with bms installed.

Gonna be installing them on the 6’6 Hamboards Classic using the liftboard motors mounted on the trucks.

Are you building a car? This board would be able to run for days!

I live in Venice beach and it has a very scenic and long bike path and boardwalk that I basically live on, and I love my hamboard so I always wanted to motorize it without having range anxiety and be able to skate for 4-5 hours straight if I wanted to.

Or just skate 15 miles to downtown and back on a motorized electric concrete surfboard.

Liftboard motors? Again, kind of pointless then. You’re motors are the main bottleneck. I’d suggest you sell 2 of the 13S packs and all 4 motors and get 2 better motors and go 2WD.

6P in street is like 40+ miles of range. You won’t get range anxiety unless you’re actually doing 80 miles in a day.

as per original post, suggestions to convert to 2wd are really not welcomed because every damn time I ask this question, nobody answers properly and always suggesting something completely different. Is it hard to just answer the question without including your two cents?

I have battery packs to spare, I have motors mounted on trucks laying around, I have a big fucking skateboard where I can fit 6 of the packs without breaking a sweat.

Is it hard to just point me where I intend to go? I don’t want to be buying anything else besides a VESC that can handle 13s18p and 4 belt motors.


Did you made any calculations or did you just come up with big numbers? 13S18P is (depending on the cells) >2kWh, with 25R a bit less, with 35E bit more, with 30Q and VTC6 pretty much 2.5kWh.

So assuming your AWD will use around 20Wh/km (which might be in real world conditions more like 10-15Wh/km; my 2WD 9" MTB uses around <20Wh/km on road) you get around 130km (in your units: 65000 bathtubes, around 3.25mio apples or 81miles). Calculating more realistic would end up somewhere around 200-300km (>150miles) Also at around 50gr. per cell, alone the cells will weight over 11kg (not including BMS + cables + …)

Maybe you should plan your project a little bit more. Go to the grocery store and get 15kg of water and put it onto your board, then you get a feeling what alone the battery will feel like. Not talking about motors and remaining electronics which will be around the same weight for 4wd.

Still to answer your question: 13S are proven to work on the VESC6, when avoiding high breaking currents. Still I would not feel safe riding between cars when all ESCs got a safety margin of less than 10%. Which breaks down to your brakes got a safety margin of less than 10%. So to really be on the safe side try something like the A200S or the VESC75/300

Still they are single motor ESCs, so you will need 4 of them…ending up somewhere >1700€

So if I was you, I’d go for 12S battery and some dual vesc6… dual drive :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


This fucking forum, I swear to god. It’s like listening to opinions before getting an answer is a form of payment and everyone is a debt collector.

Yes, I am not a moron, yes I did my calculations right and weighted everything because everything except the vescs are literally in front of me at all times, yes I know how heavy the whole thing will be, I’m used to the weight. Yes, I still want it because I do not ride this boat on the streets with cars, I mentioned that I live in Venice beach which has a long bike bath on the sand.

Thank you for your answer tho, I’ll look into the vesc6.


I would get 2 flipsky fsesc 6. Make sure its the newest version since the older one is not only way bigger but doesn’t have a canbus so it won’t do 4wd. Also they are decent priced for a vesc that can do 60v and 200amp.

I mean they just want to help and maybe even prevent some wasted money but ffs just answer the god damn question. If he wants to build 13s80p and he did the math so be it :smiley:


Lol i love people like this.

No such thing as a 4wd esc/vesc. You just hook up 4 singles or 2 duals. Minutes of reading would answer this. No they are not plug and play. Especially not at 13s nothing will be. If you don’t want suggestions from the community, then don’t ask it for help. You act as if you’re entitled to the answers to your questions…


The dual flipsky vesc 6.6 is $280 so $560 total. Flipsky recently released a high amperage vesc 6. It is a single vesc so you would need 4 total but they are a wopping 60v(13s is 54.6v max so you are good there) 200amps each! That would be 800amps of continuous power total! That’s a potential 43,000w of power! Or 57hp!