Where to buy Abec 11 97mm Flywheels?

They’re sold out like everywhere :[

Anyone got a set of 4 they wanna sell me? :stuck_out_tongue:



Not the brand but the size

Forgot to mention, its for Evolve GT Carbon, the spokes are too thick or whatever :[ Wont fit unless I mod which … eh

Lol yeah good luck mate :wink:

Should be name @Michaelinvegas Mr Ebay ?

Count ourselves lucky we have it as a resource


Update: https://stokedskateboards.com/abec-11-flywheels.html


Am shopping for new wheels and I noticed there are 97mm 75a flywheels stocked in the EU. You’ll also get a 12% discount :slight_smile: have fun !


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Does anyone have feedback on the 97mm clones from Ebay? Are they any good? Do the clone size wheels take pot holes, bumps, and cracks any better? Is it worth getting them or should we paying full retail for the name brand Flywheels?


I’ve run clones and legit.

Clones are great for the price, but the duro (regardless of what they claim it to be) - is not as soft as the legit Flywheels.

So if you are seeking the smoothest/butteriest ride - get the legit flywheels.

If you want larger wheels for rough roads but have some flex and the vibrations don’t bother you too much - the clones are a great cost savings (to spend on batteries, or VESC 6!).

Just be aware of the thin/thick spokes issue to make sure they will work for you.


I have many normal 97mm wheels. off ebay can have 10% discount.

adding to everything @sl33py said, i also noticed they’re not balanced, so there’s a noticeable wobble when spinning by hand on the bench.

not an apples to apples comparison but the mbs all terrain wheels are perfectly balanced. imagine it would be same with legit wheels.

may want to be patient and wait for the 107mm to drop: