Where to buy batteries

Hi, so i was wondering where you could buy battery packs for electric skateboards, or electric veichles in general. I found a good Chinese provider but they were unable to ship to Norway. Im looking for a 10s lipo with built in BMS in the battery pack. The one the Chinese website had was a nice 10sp3 with an inbuilt BMS, and that is what im looking for!

where are you?

As said in the text im from Norway :smiley:

You looking for lipos or LiIon, just to double check that? I know you wrote lipo. Which form factor it should have? Which board you plan to build?

Yes, the most important is just that its a 10s lipo battery.

hobbyking 10 char


Are you DIY the board? DIY battery is easy.

Edit: Oh Lipo, nvm.

I want to buy a battery pack with built in BMS so i dont have to buy a balance charger and take the battery out whenever i want to charge it.

It’s important which board and how much space you have.

The distance between the board and the ground is about 8cm and i can 3d print a new case at any time so the size is not really that important

To know which pack to recommend it’s also important to know how much discharge you want to have… You can look at the tattu plus packs, but they big and expensive. Even not sure if your 8cm would be enough.

@Acido Might help, if he repaired his spotwelders lipo and dont have long line of customers

Also… is eskating / lazyrollers batteries too expensive for u?


He’s looking for a lipo pack with bms. Not saying that @Acido couldn’t make one for him :sweat_smile: but usually he and eskating.eu work with 18650s

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I think he might be confusing lipo with 18650…

Unless he really needs high power, 10s lipo would be somewhat hard to acquire with bms, charge port and everything else…

Especially flat one, unless flat individual cells were used, i guess

Iv bought 30 samsung 18650 30q, and gonna spotweld them together, now i just need a good bms!

I could wire a bms to his lipo pack, but Im pretty sure someone closer to him can do it as well since Im in Croatia

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There are also Nese modules, check www.18650.lt Though u would need 3d print on your own accurately, otherwise it adds to price a lot.

As about bms, i would suggest / try bluetooth bms, if u got some extra money for it. Enables to see battery health on phone and make sure bms does its work and nothing is messed up.

Though for good cells this shouldnt be a problem i guess but it is always nice to see individual groups and their voltage levels

Otherwise check map of esk8 riders / users, maybe there is someome close by or try to reach a local makerspace, if u live in bigger city, sometimes they might have spotwelders as well

Iv bought batteries, now i need a good bms for a 10s3p pack. Anyone got any good ones?

I shop at https://liionwholesale.com they are in NJ,USA