Where to buy good bearings in EU?

Hi! I would need some bearings, do you know where to buy qualitative bearings? I only found SFK or NSK bearings and the ones I need are like 15-20 Euro each!

Thanks guys!

Bearings for what? Your wheels or motors?

yeh you are right, for motor. the only interesting website found up to now is this one https://www.kugellager-express.de/

I’ve got some lying around. Let me know if you need them.



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Thanks but I need bigger one

Then amazon/any other online marketplace is a good place to start. The site you linked is also a good source.

yeh I need a source where I can find datasheet ecc. General bearing for a motor is a bit risky.

I have some used ones, they seem like in good condition, a drop of oil and im sure they will run like new will check the size tomorrow also if you can find skf go with them

also what bearing do you need

thanks, I need something in the range of 40-45mm ID x 7 width x 58-62mm OD. Difficult you have them if not for a particular purpose. SKF easy to find them but 30 Euro each is a lot!

that dealer is crap then he gets them for a few euros…

this site is pretty helpfull

yeh I see like for instance 6809 bearing is good. Probably ZZ to be stainsteel sealed and C3 to have more clearance for temp. Then the price goes up up up :grin:

check the brand with the seller

i think you picked some weird bearing man… these prices are ridiculous

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Yeh with bearing there is always the problem that they can be cheap quality or fake in case of famous brands. That’s why I asked here in case someone knows a good quality one but at reasonable price. I will check the one you posted. Thanks!

as long as it has a brand its 10x better than the chineese one

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True. I will have a look

wonder where they will be for :smirk:

My second DD :wink:

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What bearing do you need? Some bearings are just expensive and you can’t avoid that. It just depends on what you choose


I use this website when I design stuff, that way I know that the bearing that my design uses is affordable

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Thx. I would need something like 6809 ZZ, possible C3 bearings. 8 found one from the German shop. I asked for the datasheet to see rpm and load.